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Alba Collection: the birth of light
Alba Collection: the birth of light
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Made in France from recycled gold, Alba is the new collection from Maison LEPAGE. A tribute to the light of dawn and the beauty of the dawning day, Alba jewellery are solar pieces, featuring a motif composed of interlocking circles.

Alba jewellery collection by Lepage

The symbolism of the Alba Collection

The Alba collection takes its name from the Italian word for dawn, and draws its inspiration from the birth of that fleeting moment when light gently emerges from the darkness to illuminate the world, heralding the imminent arrival of daylight.

Each piece of Alba jewellery is charged with this powerful symbolism, embodying both the ephemeral beauty of dawn and the promise of a new beginning. Their delicate, refined aesthetic reflects the purity of the morning light, while their elegant shapes evoke the fluidity and movement of the soft light slowly unfolding on the horizon. Each piece seems to capture a precise moment in this natural spectacle, freezing the magic of dawn in a setting of timeless beauty...

Alba jewellery collection by Lepage

Jewellery from the Alba Collection

Three rings, two bracelets, a necklace, two pairs of earrings and an earcuff: the Alba collection features a range of pieces that can be worn alone or in combination.

With a flagship piece adorned with diamonds, the three-ring ring , and two creations with a strong design, Luna, Alba offers a range of jewellery with a distinctive look. Resolutely modern, the line was born of the desire to offer something that stands out from our usual creations, by playing on an original motif.

The intersecting and merging circles were quickly adopted as the core elements of this collection, as the way in which they could be blended together to bring out the beauty of yellow gold from all angles was very interesting. The result is jewellery whose surfaces radiate light, no matter how they are positioned in relation to the light source. Even when they are not directly exposed to light, their brilliance remains constant, capturing the gaze of anyone who sees them!

 Alba jewellery collection signed by Lepage

Focus on Luna, when the moon meets the sun

The Luna creations stand out for their ingenuity, characterised by the innovative use of circles which, forming the central motif of the Alba collection, here become the very body of the jewels. Designed to be worn in a multitude of ways, the Luna ring they adapt to the desires, personality and morphology of each customer.

And more, the earcuff is an emblematic piece in the Alba collection, adding a bold, modern touch to the ensemble. This jewel can be worn on its own for a minimalist, refined look, or paired with the Alba stud earring for a more sophisticated look. Its sleek design and ingenious engineering mean it can be worn without the need for pierced ears, giving wearers total freedom of style!

 Alba jewellery collection signed by Lepage

The use of recycled gold

Beyond their aesthetic appeal and symbolism, the jewellery in the Alba collection also embodies a genuine commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Each piece in the collection is made from recycled gold, reflecting the importance Maison Lepage places on producing jewellery that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

What's more, the use of recycled gold adds an extra dimension of value and meaning to Alba jewellery. Each piece becomes the symbol of a story of transformation and renewal, reflecting the immutability of time and the infinite circle of night plus day, reminding the wearer of the importance of sustainability and reuse in the creation of beauty.

Bijoux collection Alba signée Lepage

Alba jewellery is now available in Lepage stores* and on lepage.fr/en !

*N ur shops are located in Lille, Rouen, Le Havre and Le Touquet, and you can find all the opening times on our website. website, or contact us directly by telephone on 03 20 12 04 04. To keep up to date with all the latest jewellery news from our House, subscribe to our Instagram account !

B Alba jewellery collection by Lepage

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