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Rings Solitaires

Rings Solitaires

The solitaire, a jewel with a strong emotional charge

Since time immemorial the solitaire ring for women has been synonymous with love. Solemn witness of the sacred union binding you to your other half, it freezes forever the precious moments spent at his side. Usually offered at the time of a marriage proposal, the solitaire embodies the will to spend one's life close to the loved one and the promise of respect and fidelity which accompanies it. A true sign of commitment, it is a ring that must be chosen with care! Lepage offers you a wide selection of solitaires adorned with diamonds or precious and fine stones, in classic, shouldered, paved or encircled versions, signed by Lepage as well as the most beautiful luxury brands. A symbol of love, this precious jewel must be chosen with the utmost care. Maison Lepage helps you find the engagement ring that will leave your partner speechless!

The diamond solitaire

In its most traditional and timeless version, the solitaire, also known as an engagement ring, is adorned with a round diamond, also known as a "brilliant cut". Mounted alone on the setting, hence the name of the jewel, the gem bursts forth in all its brilliance, and shines with a thousand lights. At Lepage, we use natural diamonds of a very high quality (minimum F Si), and gold 750 thousandths exclusively. For all stones over 0.5 carat, a certificate listing all the characteristics of the diamond is provided with the jewelry, to ensure optimal traceability and to certify its authenticity the stone.

The paved, shouldered or encircled solitaire

If you want to stand out from the more classic version of the solitaire, consider looking at the set solitaire with a surrounded center stone!

The paved solitaire

With its body covered entirely or in a half-turn with a bevy of small, sparkling diamonds, the pavé solitaire ring presents a gorgeous sparkle! Sparkling, the stones offer a magnificent play of light, and shine at the slightest of your movements. The gem at the heart of the jewel is enhanced by the richness of the pave, for a result that will please all those who love the simplicity of the solitaire, but are looking for a piece that is a little more sophisticated!

The Shouldered Solitaire

Here, the gemstone in the center of the solitaire is surrounded on either side by one or more small diamonds, which delicately add a touch of sparkle to the jewelry, without overdoing it. The result is a precious and refined piece of jewelry, on which the central diamond seems more voluminous. The shouldered solitaire is made for women who appreciate feminine pieces with an elegant look...

The surrounded solitaire

In its encircled version, the solitaire presents a richly worked appearance. The diamond is here accompanied on its circumference by a garland of small stones, which visually increase its size. The body of the ring can also be paved, either entirely or half-paved, to add an extra touch of sparkle to the creation. The pave solitaire is a precious engagement ring that is worn with panache!

The gemstone solitaire

Want color? Choose a solitaire set with a sapphire, ruby, emerald or a fine stone like an aquamarine! Depending on your taste, an engagement ring set with a non-diamond gemstone may be just the thing. Maison Lepage is committed to offering a variety of creations, so that everyone can find the right ring for her finger. We have therefore decided to offer all our most emblematic models in colored stone versions. Find your happiness among these jewels that are out of the ordinary and offer an engagement ring proving all your love of the most original!

Personalized support and custom creations

Need help making your choice and finding the diamond solitaire that will make your soul mate succumb? Do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone, our sales consultants will be delighted to guide you, and help you find THE piece you need! You should also know that we offer a creation service on demand. Do you have a piece of jewelry that you would like to recover in order to give it a second youth? You have a very precise image in mind of the kind of diamond ring you would like, or you would like to have a ring made especially for you? In this case, you can make an appointment with a Lepage boutique to discuss your project with a professional who will accompany you throughout the process! Finally, if you want to learn more about the solitaire engagement ring and all the features that come with it, check out our detailed guide!