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Lepage guides

Need help in choosing the jewel that will mark an important event for you? Follow the guide!

Choosing an engagement ring: detailed guide

A wedding proposal is undoubtedly one of the most important events in a lifetime, both for the person who proposes and for the person who receives it! In order to make this moment unique and to leave a wonderful memory, it is normal that you try to make sure that everything is perfect, starting with the jewel that you will offer to the woman of your life.

To help you choose among the many options available to you in terms of engagement rings, from the classic solitaire ring to the creative ring with a colored stone, we have prepared a small guide reviewing the range of possibilities.  

Choosing your wedding rings : our precious advice

Lifetime jewelry, wedding rings are the symbol of your union and the promise you make to each other. Generally worn on a daily basis, they must be chosen with care, in order to best suit your tastes and expectations. 

As we know that it is not always easy to decide, we suggest you to dive into this small detailed guide, which will give you all the advices you need to be sure not to make a mistake while making your choice!

Which jewel to offer for a birth ?

To celebrate without restraint, a birth is a most joyful event, for which it is common to offer a gift to the young parents, or to the newborn. Whether you are inspired by birthstones, whether you want a piece of jewelry with a religious motif (to be offered at a baptism for example), or a piece of jewelry with a charming secular motif, there are many possibilities!

In order to make an enlightened choice, we suggest you to consult the small guide that we wrote for you, and will help you to make your decision among all the proposed jewelry to celebrate this strong time.

How to choose a baptismal medal : complete guide

Whether secular or religious, a baptism marks the entry into society of a child or a newborn. On this occasion, it is generally customary to offer a medal as a traditional piece of jewelry, which will symbolize this event and accompany the child throughout his life.

Decorated with a classic motif such as the Virgin Mary, the Infant Jesus, a dove, or a more modern design such as a tree of life, the baptismal medal is a jewel that conveys a strong message. Discover the different symbolism that the various models can conceal, and be sure to make the right choice. 

All about hallmarks in jewelry

Authentication element used worldwide, the hallmarks allow to attest the quality of your jewelry. Master hallmark or guarantee hallmark (also called title hallmark), these determine the quality of the materials used to make the piece, as well as its origin and the craftsman who made it. 

Very important, they are attested by the State and cannot be interpreted otherwise than what they are made for. If you have any doubt about a piece of jewelry, check the hallmarks from which it was made! To learn more about the meaning of the different motifs, please consult the article we have written for you.

Engagement ring for woman, white gold solitaire ring with diamond
Gold and diamond wedding ring for women
Man and woman embracing and waiting for a birth
Baptismal medal in 18k yellow gold, worn by a child.

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On our eshop, discover a wide selection of jewellery for women and men from the greatest contemporary Jewellery Maison, of which Lepage is the official distributor: Dior, Messika, Le Gramme, Ginette NY, La Brune et La Blonde, dinh van... Discover also the pieces of the Lepage collections imagined by our jewellers in France.

Lepage know-how and quality

Each of Lepage's signature creations is designed and crafted in our workshops, using traditional jewellery methods. Made of 18k gold (750 gold), our jewellery is divided into various collections, depending on the soul they contain. Whether modern, classic or imbued with an adorable vintage charm, Lepage necklaces, rings, earrings and rings will meet all your expectations! Passionate about our profession, we are proud of our diamond expertise, which allows us to offer you jewellery pieces set with the most beautiful stones, which our gemologists buy every week at the famous Antwerp Diamond Exchange.

Chosen one by one, the diamonds that adorn our creations are of the highest possible quality, with a minimum F colour and SI (Small Inclusion) clarity. Diamonds are one of the four precious stones, along with sapphire, ruby and emerald. It is the most precious of all, requiring millions of years to form, under extreme natural geological conditions. For a diamond to be created, a particular combination of conditions must be met, namely molten rock at a specific temperature and pressure.

The carbon element is then transformed into the gem we know, but it still has to be cut so that all its brilliance is revealed. It is the cutter's job to give the stone a particular shape, the best known being the "brilliant" shape, which takes the form of a circle, and whose 57 facets allow the light to refract beautifully through the prism created by the stone, thus revealing all its fire to the light.

Four criteria are used to determine the value of a diamond: the 4Cs. These 4C's stand for Clarity (the purity of the stone, i.e. the number of "impurities" that are inside and appear at the time of its formation, called "inclusions"), Color (ranging from D extra white to Z, a dark colour close to brown.

At Lepage we only use D, E or F colour diamonds, which are very white), Carat (the size and weight of the stone) and Cut (the way it was cut). Symbol of eternal love, the diamond is at the heart of our creations, and it is with passion that we do everything possible to give life to jewels that will accompany you during all the most important events of your life: to celebrate a birth, a marriage proposal, a union before God, a baptism, a birthday, or simply to make a gift to a person dear to your heart to tell him that you love him.

Giving a jewel is always a strong act, full of symbolism. Lepage is at your side to help you find the right piece, and the one that will best suit your expectations, in order to please or to please yourself by giving you a wonderful gift.

The prestige of the great jewellery brands on our eshop

Dior, Messika, dinh van, Boucheron, Ginette NY, La Brune et La Blonde, Le Gramme, Aurélie Bidermann or So Shocking have been trusting us for years to showcase their luxurious creations, and to offer you their new collections as and when they are released. Discover without delay all the Lepage jewels, and the jewels for men and women of the most renowned Jewellery Maisons offering quality pieces, manufactured in the respect of traditional techniques, updated thanks to the modernity of current technological advances!