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Diamonds jewerly

Diamonds jewerly

Diamonds jewerly

Symbol of purity and love, diamond jewellery has established itself as the king of precious stones!

The characteristics of diamonds

Did you know that diamond is the hardest stone on our planet? Indeed, the reference scale called Mohs' scale, designed to classify the hardness of minerals and precious stones from 1 to 10, ranks diamond as the hardest stone on our planet (10/10): only a diamond is capable of scratching another diamond. Because of its rarity, diamond is one of the most coveted gems in the world. Formed from carbon, under very specific geological conditions, at extreme pressure and temperature, diamonds are a stone that can only be found in certain very specific places on the planet. Rising from the bowels of the earth through ancient volcanoes, it is usually necessary to dig dozens of metres before they can be found. Extracting them requires a great deal of care and perseverance, which is what makes them so valuable. Depending on its colour, ranging from D (extra white) to Z (yellowish), its purity (depending on the impurities, the natural "inclusions" trapped in the stone that come to light during its formation), its carat weight and its cut (the shape it is given), the value of a diamond can be multiplied by several times. One reason for this is its very high refractive index, which is considered to be the highest for crystals. Indeed, the light has a great facility to propagate in the heart of the stone, thus conferring on it an incomparable brilliance also called "the fire" of the diamond, which materializes by flashes of light spread on its surface when the stone moves. It is, among other things, thanks to the facets and the cut given to the stone that the fire is more or less intense. Not very brilliant in its rough form, the gem reveals all its brilliance once cut according to specific proportions, which gives it its shape: round, or "brilliant", the most classic cut, oval, pear, marquise, princess, cushion... There are many ways to highlight the purity and beauty of the stone.

Lepage’s diamond

At Lepage we only use D to F colour diamonds (i.e. very beautiful whiteness), minimum SI quality (Small Inclusion, very small imperfections, visible with a x10 magnifying glass). For all stones above 0.5 carat, an HRD or GIA certificate attesting to its characteristics and origin is provided with the jewel, to guarantee optimal traceability. Every week, our expert gemologists visit the famous Antwerp diamond exchange to select the stones that will be set in our jewellery. Each gem is selected with the greatest care, one by one, for its brilliance, colour, size and weight, according to very precise criteria called the "4Cs".

The quality of the diamond and the "4Cs"

The carat

The first C is for carat. This is the measurement of the weight of the stone; 1 carat = 0.20 grams. This characteristic is largely responsible for its price. The price of a diamond is exponential to its weight, meaning that the higher the carat, the higher the price. This is due to the rarity of high carat stones. Indeed, only 1% of mined diamonds will be more than one carat once cut.

The color

The diamond industry uses a color scale to classify diamonds by quality. This ranges from D to Z, with D corresponding in particular to Exceptional White + (estimated today to be the purest colour). The letter E corresponds to Exceptional White, G to Extra White + ... The letters M to Z correspond to pale yellow tinted. At Lepage, we take particular care with the colour of the diamond. We make sure that it is almost immaculate white and exceptionally transparent. That is why we only offer stones with a certified D or F colour. This colour evaluation corresponds to the first letter of the famous three letters that define a diamond, for example: DSI, FSI. Finally, you should know that white is not the only diamond colour. Today, there are stones called "fancy diamonds". Some of these are particularly sought after, for example the deep pink Pink Star diamond, estimated to be the most expensive in history to date.

The cut

Done by hand, the cut of the diamond is the "cut" and its faceting (literally the size of its facets). This determines the brilliance and brilliance of the diamond, and above all the final shape that the stone will take. Indeed, when the angles and proportions are worked in a certain way, the stone reveals its fire, which then determines its value. The cut is assessed on three criteria: "cut grade", "proportions" and "polish" and will vary from stone to stone. This is a key process for the final beauty of the stone as it reveals the full brilliance of the stone, depending on the natural inclusions in the stone and its weight. There are many different cuts, the most classic being the famous "round" or "brilliant", and many so-called "fancy" cuts: cushion, marquise, oval, princess, pear, emerald or even heart-shaped for example!

The clarity

Purity consists of distinguishing the number of inclusions present inside or outside the stone. The fewer inclusions it has, the purer it will be called. We call inclusions the presence of foreign bodies that have crept into the stone at the time of its formation. This process is quite natural for natural diamonds. It is a way of verifying that the stone is not a synthetic stone produced in a laboratory. The purity of a stone is measured using a scale ranging from FL to P2. It ranges from FL (flawless) or IF (Internally Flawless) for stones with no inclusions, to S or I for stones with inclusions that are difficult to see with the naked eye. The latter corresponds to the last two letters that you will find on the quality of a diamond, for example DSI. In order to best assess the purity of our diamonds, we examine our stones with a 10x magnifying glass to identify any imperfections. At Lepage, all are certified minimum SI, meaning they have no imperfections visible to the naked eye.

Diamond jewellery: treat yourself to a dash of pure light!

Earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets... All the diamond jewels offered in this selection have one characteristic in common, whether they are signed Lepage or from the most prestigious Jewellery Houses: their exceptional sparkle and shine. Sparkling with the slightest movement, diamond jewellery is a luminous piece that catches the eye and enhances a silhouette. Whether it's a discreet piece or a bold, creative design, diamond jewellery complements each of your outfits, whether for everyday wear or for the biggest events. Real pieces of history, natural diamonds are precious gems often hundreds of thousands of years old, which, once set in jewellery, will stand the test of time without losing their beauty, provided they are well cared for. The adage proclaims that "diamonds are forever", and it is not wrong!

A piece of diamond jewellery: a gift that marks the spirit

To say "I love you", a piece of diamond jewellery is always a beautiful idea. Set in yellow, white or rose gold, accompanied by coloured stones or other gems, it's a must-have piece of jewellery that won't leave anyone indifferent. Engagement ring, pair of stud earrings, bangle or even precious pendant: many models of diamond jewellery are available, perfect for any occasion! Birth gift, Christmas gift, for a birthday, a marriage proposal, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day... Find the diamond jewel you need, and please for sure!

Lepage's know-how and made-to-measure creation

Diamond and jewellery maker since 1922, the passion for jewellery is an integral part of our DNA. Proud to accompany you in all the most important moments of your life, birth, marriage proposal, baptism, communion, birthday, celebration of big news... our sales advisors are at your disposal to guide you in your jewellery, and help you find the piece you need. Don't hesitate to come and meet us in our boutique for a personalised consultation, or contact us directly by e-mail or telephone! If, despite the wealth of different models of diamond jewellery offered in this selection, you do not find what you are looking for, we offer a personalised jewellery creation service on request. We can also look for a diamond of a specific size, weight or colour if you have a particular request. For this, do not hesitate to contact our teams who will be happy to accompany you and answer all your questions!