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Dior Jewelry

Dior Jewelry

Dior Jewelry

Icon of French luxury, the Maison Dior is one of the most influential fashion Maisons in the world. Today, Victoire de Castellane, Artistic Director, has taken over from Monsieur Christian Dior and is responsible for the creation of the brand's jewellery collections. The rose, poetic and feminine, was Mr. Dior's favorite flower, and is still at the heart of many Dior creations today. Flowers, and more generally nature, are a true source of inspiration for Victoire de Castellanne, and almost all of the brand's jewellery collections are imbued with a charming bucolic soul. Find all the Jewelry Dior collections on lepage.fr, jewelry in 18k gold (750 gold) and precious stones!

Rose Dior Pré Catelan

Ode to life and nature, the jewels of the Rose Dior Pré Catelan collection are made like precious floral compositions. Joyful, colorful and poetic, this collection combines beautiful crystalline flowers, and the representation of bees and leaves in 18k gold (750 gold) on precious jewelry...

Rose Dior Bagatelle

With incredible brilliance, the pieces in the Rose Dior Bagatelle collection are covered in diamonds, and shine in the light. An embodiment of the French know-how of the Maison Dior and a magnificent illustration of the passion that drives Victoire de Castellane on a daily basis, the jewels that make up this collection are sophisticated pieces of jewelry fashioned in 18k white gold (750 gold).

Bois de Rose

Remarkable for the designer jewels that make it up, the Bois de Rose collection signed by Dior offers modern and contemporary pieces, evoking the thorny stem of a rose. With a beautiful softness thanks to the worked curves, the Bois de Rose creations are strong pieces that come in yellow, pink and white gold, enriched with diamonds or all gold. A reinterpretation of the beauty of nature and its complexity, these jewels are a must-have!

Rose Dior Couture

Made entirely of 18k rose gold, the romantic Rose Dior Couture collection declines the flower in its bud form, like a promise of all the beautiful things to come. Adorned with small brilliant diamonds, like a dewdrop in the heart of the flowers, these creations are highly poetic!

Rose des Vents and Celeste

Inspired by the famous lucky star so dear to Christian Dior's heart, the Rose des Vents and Céleste collections decline this iconic motif in colorful versions adorned with diamonds and ornamental stones. In an infinite number of variations, the compass rose is reinvented in the form of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets that are as charming as they are full of symbolism!

GEM Dior

The jewels of the GEM collection are exceptional pieces, verging on the world of high jewellery. In this universe of graphic lines, gold gives pride of place to ornamental and precious stones, through architectural jewels that boldly claim their so modern asymmetrical side!


Ranking among the most iconic Dior collections, the Mimirose collection presents jewels that are all about finesse, featuring the representation of pretty little gold flowers, accompanied by precious stones. The delicacy of these creations makes them adorable everyday jewels, which bring a touch of authentic and precious charm to each of your outfits...


Three letters that mean a lot, a promise, a commitment, a deep love and a sincere trust... So many strong feelings that emerge from this collection formerly called "OUI", which now opens up to a wider variety of creations and becomes "Dioramour"! As if written with a delicate golden thread, this little word will naturally find its place in the hollow of your neck or slipped into your hand, like a good luck charm reminding you every second of the very special ties that unite you to your other half...


Directly inspired by Monsieur Dior's garden, the Diorette collection is colorful! Flowers of all varieties, butterflies, ladybugs, bees, leaves and gems blend together in a joyful intertwining that smells like freshly cut grass, and reveals bold creations inspired by the plant fantasies so dear to the couturier's heart. Jewelry out of the ordinary!