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Dior Dioramour jewelry

Dior Dioramour

Dior Dioramour

Dioramour: to declare your love

Fashioned in 18k gold, the pieces in this line are jewelry designed to let you show your feelings. Whether you proudly wear a ring, a necklace or a bracelet decorated with the name of the iconic Maison Dior, highlighted by a pretty diamond that blossoms on the tip of the "i", its sparkle and shine will accompany each of your days!

OUI: three letters full of promise

Dior honors this little word so rich in meaning and promise, sublimating it with 18k gold (750 gold) and sparkling diamonds. Slipped onto your wrist on a fine cord, or on your hand as a delicate gold thread, the OUI jewel is discreet but not shy. Expressing feelings that you want to share with the whole world, "OUI" is the announcement of good news, of a wedding in the offing, of a shared love, of a desire to spend your whole life by the side of your loved one... Dior crystallizes this state of happiness through jewels that mean a lot, and can be worn every day like little talismans filled with positive waves. Fall in love with Jewelry Dior's OUI jewelry!