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Women's jewelry

Women's jewelry

Women's jewelry

Looking for a piece of jewellery for women? To offer on the occasion of a birthday, a birth, a marriage proposal, or simply to please yourself, a jewel is always a good idea! Discover a wide selection of women's jewellery in 18k gold (750 gold), adorned with diamonds, precious stones, semi-precious stones and ornaments signed Lepage, or from the greatest jewellery brands: Messika, Dior, Boucheron, dinh van, Ginette NY, Aurélie Bidermann, Claverin, Le Gramme... Whether you are looking for a discreet piece of skin jewellery to wear on a daily basis or an exceptional piece to shine on a special occasion, you will certainly find what you are looking for among all these models!

Women's jewelry from Maison Lepage

A master jeweller since 1922, Lepage is today recognised for its diamond expertise and high quality jewellery. Located in three cities (Lille, Le Havre and Rouen), the boutiques welcome you at the most important moments of your life, to accompany you in the choice of jewellery that you will keep for a lifetime.

Lepage diamonds, exceptional stones

For over 100 years now, Maison Lepage has been offering jewellery creations, adorned with diamonds. In order to offer you the most beautiful stones, every week our gemologists travel to Antwerp to select one by one the gems that will set the jewels we propose to our customers. You have a project in mind and are looking for a diamond with specific characteristics? Our experts can search for it for you, and enable you to create the jewel of your dreams, made to measure, thanks to our customised manufacturing service! All the diamonds we use for our creations are diamonds with a minimum F SI colour, which is one of the most beautiful qualities of stones. "F" indicates the colour of the stone, its whiteness. In the classification, the whitest and most brilliant diamonds are D colour, and the most yellowish Z colour. A colour between D and F is therefore a guarantee of very good whiteness. SI" stands for "Small Inclusions", which are tiny imperfections naturally present in the stone and appear at the time of its formation. These are only visible with a x10 magnifying glass, and are invisible to the naked eye.

Lepage 18k gold (750 gold), high quality gold

In order to limit its environmental impact and to produce in the fairest way possible, Maison Lepage uses recycled gold to fashion its jewellery. This gold is partly bought back from our customers. We only use 18k gold (750 gold) in the creation of our collections, which is the finest quality gold available in jewellery. This material is actually an alloy, composed of 75% pure gold and 25% of other precious metals in order to give a specific consistency and colour to the final result. Indeed, it is impossible to work with pure gold, which is much too soft and malleable. In order to solidify and shape it, it is combined with copper, silver and palladium in different proportions depending on the final result you wish to achieve. For rose gold, a higher proportion of copper will be added, which will give a soft pinkish tint. For white gold, silver and palladium are used to give the alloy a silvery-grey hue (white gold is also called white gold). The jewel will then be covered with a thin layer of rhodium during the rhodium plating stage, which will give it its whiteness and shine. Rhodium plating should be repeated every two to three years to ensure that your jewellery retains its beauty, as it will eventually develop a natural patina over time.

Women's jewellery from the top jewellery brands

For many years, Maison Lepage has been proud to work with the greatest jewellery and watch brands. Internationally recognised and with a strong reputation, these luxury brands offer jewellery made according to traditional know-how and the most advanced modern methods. Find on the lepage.fr e-shop women's jewellery from the latest collections of twelve of the greatest Jewellery Maisons!

A.Augis and Arthus Bertrand: the specialists in baptismal medals

Made in France, A.Augis and Arthus Bertrand jewellery are ideal birth and christening gifts. Specialising in baptismal medals and pendants, to children's and babies' bracelets and bracelets, as well as birth gifts for mothers, these two brands offer a wide choice of beautiful quality creations.

Aurélie Bidermann: fancy jewellery

Very modern and colourful, Aurélie Bidermann creations are like no other! Fresh and sparkling, the pieces of the Maison's emblematic lines are a delight for the eyes... The skin jewels can be worn alone or in accumulations, like little grigris that accompany you everywhere, and protect you from bad vibes!

Boucheron: the pillar of French jewelry

A perfect illustration of French luxury, the Maison Boucheron is a true pillar of jewellery. Located on the famous Place Vendôme in Paris, the boutique has been offering original creations with a strong DNA for over 150 years. Find the iconic Quatre and Serpent Bohème collections on lepage.fr.!

Claverin: the pearl in all its states

Unavoidable, the pearl jewel is a timeless and a real must-have of the jewellery box. The Maison Claverin reinvents the pearl in refined, minimalist creations of great finesse. Natural white, pink or Tahitian pearls or baroque pearls: these sweet wonders of nature are revealed alongside 18k gold (750 gold) in very feminine jewellery!

dinh van: the famous Menotte’s brand

With the ambition to offer women luxury creations to be worn on a daily basis, for her and not for the people who look at her, dinh van is today one of the most renowned jewellery brands, in France and internationally. Discover or rediscover the most iconic collections on Lepage and in shop: Menottes dinh van, Le Cube Diamant, Serrure, Pulse dinh van, Seventies...

Dior Jewerly: luxury à la française

The Maison Dior, a true fashion and luxury empire, needs no introduction. Maison Lepage is very proud to be one of the only two Dior Joaillerie retailers in France, and to be able to offer you the brand's prestigious jewels on lepage.fr.!

Ginette NY: the ornamental stones revolution

A long-standing partner of Maison Lepage, Ginette NY is a feminine and refined brand that offers new pieces every year, each time featuring a new ornamental stone. The famous Disc Ring, an emblematic piece, is thus available in onyx, mother-of-pearl, turquoise, lapis lazuli, tiger eye... But also less common stones such as chrysocolla, blues and or rhodonite!

La Brune et La Blonde: the naked diamond

Mounted without a setting, the La Brune and La Blonde diamond expresses all its brilliance without any constraints. The Maison's speciality, the pierced diamond, is also available for all precious stones, and thus gives life to colourful, sparkling jewellery that is out of the ordinary. Attract all eyes in the most beautiful way thanks to La Brune and La Blonde jewellery!

Le Gramme: minimalist jewellery

Originally thought for men, Le Gramme jewellery are minimalist and uncluttered creations that borrow their design from everyday objects, like the famous Cable bracelet for example. Inspired by urban design and architectural codes, Le Gramme jewellery are mixed pieces thought for modern men and women!

Messika: the diamond in motion

Messika rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are precious creations, which make the most of diamonds. The particularity of these jewels is the diamond in motion, which slides in the heart of the creations, bringing a hypnotic and bewitching effect of movement. As it moves, the diamond catches the light and sparkles without shyness, revealing an unparalleled fire and sparkle... Messika jewellery is on lepage.fr.!

So Shocking: rock your jewells

Developed for women of character, So Shocking jewellery are bold pieces that display beautiful volumes. Skin jewellery with the Première Fois collection, or a piece to be worn with panache as for the Emotion line, So Shocking creations reveal your personality and make you shine!

Why offer a jewel ?

Women's jewelry has a long history behind it, and in addition to being worn for aesthetics, it is also worn for the symbols it conveys: a link between two people, a sign of power or wealth, a family or cultural heritage... Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings are timeless accessories that take on various forms and symbols over time, but remain essential to almost every culture.

Whether one prefers the silvery aspect of white gold, the sunny hue of yellow gold or the softness of rose gold, many options exist to satisfy all tastes. Among the major categories of jewelry, some types are real must-haves, such as hoop earrings, pendants and bangles, of which models can be found in almost every collection of the major jewelry brands.

Set with diamonds of impressive carat or with discreet stones that bring brilliance with subtlety, the jewelry can have all the prices. Discover the lists of affordable jewelry, or more exceptional jewelry creations on lepage.fr., and make (you) an extraordinary gift! A little tip if you want to buy a piece of jewelry to offer it before a key date, we recommend you to choose a product in stock, so that we can process your order as soon as possible! You can check the stock status directly by looking at the product's availability time: if the piece is indicated as "shipped within 24 hours", it means that we have the model and that your package can be shipped as soon as possible.