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Ginette NY jewelry

Ginette NY jewelry


Wise earrings in rose gold

Brand Collection
Wise - Ginette NY
Jewel material
Rose Gold 750 th

Mini Wolf necklace in rose gold

Brand Collection
Minis on Chain - Ginette NY Wolf - Ginette NY
Jewel material
Rose Gold 750 th
Ginette NY jewelry

Reflecting the artistic expression of their creator, the Ginette NY creations are characterized by pure and light lines. Skin jewels that are worn every day, and that reveal with finesse the beauty of women, like the Disc Ginette NY ring or the Mini Wolf Ginette NY necklace, which have become real best-sellers in the jewelry industry. Find on our eshop all the collections of women's jewelry Ginette NY.

Ginette NY: a flawless artistic creativity

Born in Marseille, Frédérique Dessemond, creator of Ginette NY, grew up in the Phocaean city and was nourished by the inspirations of the Phocaean city and the architecture. After graduating in art history at the Sorbonne, Frédérique Dessemond moved to New York in 1999... Very soon after, in 2002, the designer started the Ginette NY adventure. The first collections are light, modern and of course, contemporary. Very quickly, this new page of her life turns into a success story.

Ginette NY and 18k rose gold (750 rose gold)

Those who know Ginette NY know it... Rose gold is the muse of the Jewelry Maison. The rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are almost always made exclusively of 18k rose gold (750 rose gold). This very soft rose gold is an alloy of pure gold, copper and silver. The shade of this gold expresses the softness and love that can be found in each of the Ginette NY creations. Finally, the 18k rose gold (750 rose gold) has the particularity of adapting to all skin tones for the most elegant rendering!

The beauty of stones

Ginette NY gives contemporary women a unique jewelry experience. Sensual and resolutely feminine, the jewels are even more sublimated thanks to precious stones such as diamonds but also thanks to ornamental stones such as onyx, moonstone, tiger's eye, mother-of-pearl... At Ginette NY, the stone is not only there to adorn the jewel, it also has virtues. Each stone contains within it its own characteristics: healing, protection, self-confidence, openness to others ... The stones give us all their secrets!

All the Ginette NY collection on our eshop


Since its creation, the Disc Rings collection does not cease to make talk about it. It all began in 2010 when the Disc Ring, revolutionized the world of jewelry with its colorful and singular natural stones. Frédérique Dessemond invites us to discover a new stone with multiple virtues with each new collection. These jewels are worn every day and it appears impossible to get tired of them!


The Antique Ring is a square version of the Disc Rings. Modern and very feminine, the Antique Ring can be worn in every moment of life and is adorned with the most beautiful ornamental stones such as lapis lazuli, mother of pearl or turquoise. Accumulate Ginette NY creations for an absolutely majestic look!


Ginette NY accompanies you to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life the BE MINE collection! Elegance and simplicity are at the heart of this line. The diamond invites itself on the pink and white gold jewels and reveals all its brilliance. The creations shine with a thousand lights and sublimate the natural beauty of the future brides. Wedding rings, necklaces, creoles, chips, rings... The complete line allows to highlight all the future brides!


Dare to be colorful with Ever! Ginette NY's flagship collection, the Ever collection introduces us to stones with exceptional shades and jewelry that is easy to wear every day.


Both sensual and masterful, the Lotus line honors this flower with powerful symbolism and directly linked to self-realization. The creations in 18k rose gold (750 rose gold) will become precious treasures that snuggle against your skin.


Maria is the very definition of modern vintage. The pieces in the collection are adorned with colorful stone beads to give birth to authentic jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets combine for an absolutely harmonious look!


Emblematic motif of the Maison Ginette NY, the strength of the wolf comes to slip around your neck and around your face to awaken the child in you. The spirit is definitely rock and chic and is adopted on a daily basis. The Wolf is iconic and precious, like you!