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Ginette NY y Ajna jewelry

Ginette NY Ajna

Ginette NY Ajna

Unveil yourself! Ginette NY invites you to discover her hypnotizing collection of Ajna jewelry for women. Ginette NY evokes the third eye or sixth chakra in a modern, openwork and luminous version. An invitation to reconnect and rediscover oneself, this Ajna Ginette NY collection is to be discovered on our eshop

Ajna, the third eye

Ajna is the third eye, the sixth chakra, the window of the soul. It is one of the seven chakras present in the body. Ajna is the sixth of them. It is also called the chakra of intuition. Ginette NY has placed this chakra at the heart of this line by shaping a gold cut-out eye and playing with sizes in jumbo, medium or mini versions... This collection is, once again, the reflection of a singular artistic expression. These precious jewels allow women to express their character and reveal their natural radiance.