Ginette NY Wise jewelry

Ginette NY Wise


Wise earrings in rose gold

Brand Collection
Wise - Ginette NY
Jewel material
Rose Gold 750 th
Ginette NY Wise

Inspired by eagle wings, the Wise Ginette NY collection revisits the symbol of freedom in abstract form. The designer Valérie Dessemond is inspired by the American native spirit through pure and minimalist pieces. Wise and majestic, Wise jewelry is for modern women who want to enhance their outfits with singularity and distinction. Lepage invites you to discover all the Ginette NY rings, Ginette NY necklaces, Ginette NY bracelets, or Ginette NY earrings from the Wise collection.

A brand by a woman and for women

Ginette NY is a brand dedicated to women of character, women who are not afraid to assert their femininity and style! Thus, Ginette NY's ambition is to offer women timeless skin jewelry, exceptional gris-gris designed with pure materials and natural stones. The collections are creative and refined and express all the creativity of the Jewelry Maison.