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Ginette NY Buddha jewelry

Ginette NY Buddha

Ginette NY Buddha

Ginette NY's Buddha collection features the Buddha motif as a necklace and a ring in mini or jumbo size, to accompany you whatever the occasion. To be worn as an amulet, a talisman, a good luck charm... these jewels remind you of your inner connection and work to maintain your inner peace.

A strong symbol at the heart of the Ginette NY collection

The word Buddha comes from Sanskrit, the language once spoken in the Indian subcontinent, and means "awakened." Siddhartha Gautama is considered the founder of this community of monks that gave birth to Buddhism. This religion and philosophy has different schools, which are based on meditative practices and religious rituals. The Buddha is a spiritual leader who seeks inner peace. He is also a sign of compassion and respect. To be worn as real talismans, the Ginette NY Buddha jewels are as precious as they are mysterious. Discover the whole collection on our eshop.