Ginette NY Angèle jewelry

Ginette NY Angèle

Ginette NY Angèle

Poetic, the Angèle by Ginette NY collection reveals itself in a soft way. Let yourself be seduced by these feminine jewels, from which emanates a soft precious aura... Romantic, the heart-shaped motif comes in all sizes, and will bewitch you with its reassuring presence!

The marriage of onyx and rose gold

Sometimes presented in an all-gold version, sometimes in rose gold and onyx, Angèle's creations are as sweet as they are poetic. The heart is at the center of the compositions and is for the dreamers and romantics at heart. Discover the necklaces, bracelets and rings of the Angèle line.

A nostalgic collection

The Angèle collection draws its inspiration from the village of origin of the creator of Maison Ginette NY. Originally from Corsica, Frédérique Dessemond names her collection Angèle, which takes the first name of a female character from her childhood village... A collection truly imbued with love and nostalgia.