Le Gramme jewelry

Le Gramme jewelry

Le Gramme jewelry

Le Gramme: men's jewelry created around a strong concept

Innovative and resolutely modern, the Le Gramme brand offers jewelry for men with an urban and contemporary style, who like to stand out. Around a unique concept, where the unit of measurement of weight is at the heart of each creation and breathes a special soul into it, Le Gramme develops jewelry inspired by the codes of architecture and industrial design. To offer an even more personalized experience, each piece of jewelry can be engraved with the message, numbers, or initials of your choice.

French minimalism

Le Gramme jewelry needs nothing but itself to exist. With its frank and assumed lines and beautiful materials, it completes an outfit all in sobriety. The founder of the brand, Erwan Le Louër, has been able to distinguish himself thanks to a unique creative process that is part of a rational approach. The jewels are made in France, in noble recycled materials, and draw their strength from their minimal form, from an obviousness in the repetition and from the free field they open by their capacity to accumulate in order to create its own language.

The iconic Cable bracelet

The iconic Le Gramme piece, a must-have? The Cable bracelet, a true emblem of the Maison! Declined in 925/1000 silver, 18k white, yellow, red gold (750/1000 gold), black ceramic, cord version, polished or matte finish... The variants of this flagship product are numerous, and offer a wide choice so that everyone can find their happiness.