Le Gramme Cord jewelry

Le Gramme Cordon

Le Gramme Cordon

Le Gramme drawstring bracelets: must-haves!

Looking for a men's bracelet to wear every day? The cord bracelet is ideal for that! Aesthetic, discreet and adaptable to all outfits, it is an everyday skin jewel that will allow you to express your identity. Le Gramme presents a wide range of cord bracelets, featuring the most emblematic designs of the Maison. Segment, Interlacing, Perforated... find the patterns you like the most, declined on these bracelets! In 925 silver, 18k white, yellow or red gold (750 gold), all metal or set with diamonds: the models come in many versions, mounted on black or colored cords, in mini or maxi size, to allow you to find your happiness for sure!

Le Gramme, a brand made in France with a unique concept

For all Le Gramme creations, the identity of the jewel is determined by its weight in grams, a unique concept in the world of jewelry. Made in workshops in France, according to the excellence of French know-how, all Le Gramme jewelry is made with the utmost care. Combining a minimalist design with a very high level of technical expertise, they illustrate a creative approach where form follows function.