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Women's rings

Women's rings

Women's rings

Whether discreet or rich, in white, yellow or rose gold, adorned with diamonds, precious, fine or ornamental stones, the ring is an essential piece of women's jewelry! There is an almost infinite variety of models to suit all tastes. Engagement ring, wedding ring, or creative everyday ring: some rings have a very special meaning, and become the witness of the happiest events marking your life.

The woman's ring, an object of emotion

A ring is a very special piece of jewelry, which crystallises emotions and conveys a message of love. For a marriage proposal, an anniversary, or simply to say "I love you": there are many occasions when it comes to offering a ring! Find the jewel that suits you through the collections of the major jewelry brands, as well as among the subtle creations of the Maison Lepage.

Lepage’s creations

Light jewelry, all our rings are fashioned in 18k gold (750 gold). Adorned with the most beautiful, fine and ornamental gemstones, Lepage rings are jewels that tell a story, that unite you with a loved one, or that you may have bought for yourself to celebrate the woman you are. Giving off a luminous aura, 18k gold (750 gold) reveals the light of the stone it supports, and gives life to jewels of great preciousness that stand the test of time. The play of shapes that make up our various creations, whether they display a classic, audacious or deliciously vintage design, offers models of women's rings that are all different from one another, and unique in their kind. You are bound to find what you are looking for among Lepage's creations, depending on your tastes and the occasion through which you wish to offer this jewel!

Rings signed by the most prestigious Jewelry Maisons

Make your proposal with a unique piece of high jewelry, signed by one of the most beautiful luxury brands, and offer the eternal to the chosen one of your heart! Lepage, official retailer and partners of the most prestigious Jewelry Maisons presents you with Messika, Dior Joaillerie, Boucheron, dinh van, La Brune et La Blonde rings... To be found on our online shop or directly in shop.

Personalized assistance

For more than a hundred years, Maison Lepage has been accompanying you during the important moments of your life, in order to celebrate the happiest events marking it. Birth, christening, marriage proposal, anniversary... Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish a personalized accompaniment in your search for a woman's ring, we will be delighted to guide you in your decision making, and to dispense you with all the advice you would need!