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La Brune et La Blonde

La Brune et La Blonde


Collier Polka en or rose et rhodolite

Brand Collection
Polka - La Brune et La Blonde
Jewel material
Rose Gold 750 th
La Brune et La Blonde

La Brune et La Blonde: jewels recognizable among a thousand

Famous for its innovative pierced stone, held in place by a very thin setting and without any setting, which thus leaves it free to move, the Maison La Brune et La Blonde has been among the most beautiful French jewelry brands for 10 years...

The innovation of the naked diamond

Thanks to a unique process that reveals the diamond at 360°, La Brune et La Blonde lets all the beauty of the diamond express itself through its precious creations. The gem is suspended from the jewel without any setting, thus letting the light hit it full force and make it shine with a thousand lights. Reinterpreting the traditional gold and diamond jewel, the brand has thus quickly made a name for itself and has taken an important place in the jewelry market It is now present in the four corners of the planet.

The iconic La Brune et La Blonde collections

Building on its success, the Maison now offers numerous collections, each as sleek and modern as the next. Precious stones, fine and ornamental stones are at the heart of each creation, sublimated by 18k gold (750 gold). Colourful and sparkling, La Brune et La Blonde jewelry is meant to be joyful pieces, to be worn on a daily basis, alone or in accumulation. The earrings and hoop earrings illuminate the face, while the necklaces nestle nicely in the hollow of the neck and the bracelets delicately embrace the wrists... In movement, the stones sway and attract the eye, for a most captivating effect. Discover the 360°, Confetti, Polka, Majorette, Cordons and Funambule collections on our eshop, and don't wait to fall in love!

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