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La Brune and La Blonde POP jewelry

La Brune et La Blonde POP

La Brune et La Blonde POP

La Brune et La Blonde unveils a sparkling collection that combines fun and jewelry for your greatest pleasure!

POP is a set of jewelry made of 18k yellow, rose or white gold, adorned with sparkling diamonds, mounted, as always, without setting, to reveal without restraint the beauty of the fire of each gem.

"Because life is too short, the new POP collection from LA BRUNE & LA BLONDE goes to the essentials: love, pleasure, desire, joy, surprise, humor and therefore fun!"

Accompanying iconic symbols such as the heart, the star or the mouth, the POP collection plays with codes and conventions, offering creative pieces that are out of the ordinary and will delight you with their originality!

Pins or earrings: it's up to you

Mono earrings that can also be worn as pins, or pins that can be worn as mono earrings: see it the way you prefer, and fall for these jewelry pieces without waiting! To be worn every day on a shirt collar, a jacket lapel, or pinned to a t-shirt, these precious pins stand out from anything we are used to seeing in jewelry!

Have fun wearing them in mix 'n match and create the combinations you prefer...

Special mention for BANG BANG and EN PLEIN COEUR, which show a strong character and will never leave you !

Stunning necklaces

The necklaces in this line are not to be outdone, also featuring the essential heart, star and lightning bolt motifs, creating an asymmetry thanks to the naked diamond, which creates both movement and structure to the models.

Nestled in the hollow of the ear of the upside down heart, suspended at the tip of the lightning bolt or hanging from one of the branches of the star, it highlights your neckline and brings brilliance to each of your outfits.

The nice length 45 cm allows to wear it in accumulation with an emblematic necklace 360° for example, which will come to make as a recall to the glitter of the gem, just above, in the hollow of your neck. In short, a very nice collection, which we do not get tired!