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Messika jewelry

Messika jewelry


Motif My Move Or jaune

Brand Collection
My Move
Jewel material
Gold 750 th
Messika jewelry

Valérie Messika, a diamond dealer's daughter, celebrates her heritage through exceptional pieces that honor the most famous of precious stones. Messika jewels are dressed in a majestic dress with eternal brilliance to shine with a thousand lights. Lepage invites you to discover the Messika women's jewelry and Messika men's jewelry collections on our online store.

The Messika DNA

The Maison Messika was born in 2005. Its founder Valérie Messika is the daughter of the famous André Messika, the illustrious diamond dealer. Her passion for diamonds goes back to her youngest age. Very early, Valérie Messika develops a real passion for the beauty of diamonds. Passionate and ambitious, Valérie Messika took the path of jewelry making. Messika's jewels are thus a beautiful part of the gems with a lot of elegance. The heritage of the family know-how is expressed through light and delicate jewels, but also through high jewelry pieces worked with virtuosity.

The Messika diamond

The Messika jewel features the diamond in its most simple and elegant form. The gem is feminine, sensual, comfortable... Messika creations give confidence and are resolutely contemporary, they bring brilliance to the female gender!

Move: a timeless success

Messika's collections are as numerous as they are special, but if there's one that stands out from the crowd and ranks as an indestructible, it's the Move line. Representing the love of yesterday, today and tomorrow, Move is a real favorite. Move jewelry is instantly recognizable thanks to its famous motif: the cartouche in 18k gold (750 gold) with its sliding diamonds trapped in this golden cage. Since the first classic Move line, the collection has gone through many ranges: Move Romane, Move Jewelry, Lucky Move, Move Noa, My Move... Enough to please women all over the world.

Messika workshop and know-how

The Messika workshop is located in Paris, just a short walk from the rue Saint-Honoré. The workshop is confidential and modern, like Messika's creations. It is in this creative place that the pieces are imagined and created. The best jewelry craftsmen work with Valérie Messika to give life to splendid jewelry. It takes weeks and even months for these creations to see the light of day.

The many Messika collections

Fall in love with the inspiring Glam'Azone jewelry. Succumb to the thread of diamonds enthroned on the Gatsby pi-ces. Reveal your beauty with the round or pear-shaped diamonds of the Joy collection... All Messika collections have a power, a universe, a message to spread... Discover all its lines on our online store!

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