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LEPAGE jewelry

Testifying to our know-how and our passion, the jewelry creations we offer are made of noble materials, with the utmost care, in order to offer you jewelry of impeccable quality.

Lepage jewelry: one hundred years of know-how and passion at your disposal

Master jeweler and diamond merchant since 1922, Lepage is a family-owned Maison where the know-how and love of jewelry are passed down from generation to generation. For over a hundred years, the Maison has been making lovers of beautiful things dream, by offering precious jewelry. Present for all the most important moments of your life, on the occasion of birth, baptism, engagement, wedding, birthday... Lepage puts its know-how and its passion at your service to accompany you in the choice of the jewels which come to register in these strong times, making of these events unforgettable memories embodied by precious creations. To be cherished and kept for a lifetime, our jewelry contains the most beautiful story: yours...

Lepage quality

In order to offer you jewelry of the finest quality, we work with noble and precious materials.

Gold: 18k gold (750 gold) or nothing

The gold used in jewelry is called "750 thousandths gold" (or "18k gold") because this metal is actually an alloy, composed of 75% pure gold, and 25% other precious metals, which serve to give it a specific color, and strength. In fact, pure gold as found in its natural state is too malleable to be used as such. It is therefore combined with silver, copper or palladium to be worked into jewelry that will not warp when worn.

White gold

White gold, before it is processed, is also called "white gold". Indeed, it is only through the final step of preparing the jewelry that the gold takes on its beautiful, vibrant color! This last step, rhodium plating, consists of depositing a very thin layer of rhodium (a rare and precious metal) on the entire jewel, so as to cover it. This operation should be repeated regularly, as your jewelry will naturally develop a patina, which will somewhat dull its color. We recommend that you have your jewelry rhodium plated every two or three years, so that it never loses its beauty and stays glowing like the first day!

Yellow gold

With its sunny aura, yellow gold has been used for thousands of years to make jewelry, accessories and showpieces. A true reference, yellow gold is usually what the mention of the material "gold" evokes. Highly resistant to corrosion, rustproof and unalterable, a piece of yellow gold jewelry naturally reveals its beautiful golden color when simply polished, without additional treatment. It will thus retain its beautiful hue, and its brilliance through time...

Rose gold

The alloy that makes up rose gold contains a higher proportion of copper than yellow gold. It is this metal that gives the soft pinkish tones that we know to this gold. From one Maison to another, the shade of pink can vary from very weak to more pronounced, depending on the amount of copper in the alloy. Each brand thus offers rose gold jewelry with slightly different colors from each other! Less cold than white gold, and less classic than yellow gold, rose gold is a good compromise if you are looking for a modern and precious jewel. Today, rose gold is one of the most used metals in jewelry, and is increasingly favored by jewelers.

How to recognize a piece of jewelry made of 18k gold (750 gold) ?

In order to know the quality of the gold in which your engagement ring is made, you can check the hallmarks that has struck on the piece. The first type of hallmark is the so-called guarantee hallmark, or title hallmark. The Eagle head hallmark guarantees a 750/1000 gold grade, while the scallop shell hallmark identifies 585 gold jewelry (formerly known as "14k"), and the cloverleaf hallmark identifies 375 gold jewelry (formerly "9k"). These official authentication hallmarks are accompanied by the master hallmark, which is that of the jeweler who made the piece, attesting to the provenance and quality of the jewelry.

The diamonds: selected one by one by our gemologists

Precious among the precious, the diamond is the rarest natural stone. Formed from carbon in extreme geological conditions over millions of years, diamonds are a wonder of nature that can only come into being under certain very specific conditions. Not very brilliant in its rough form, the gem reveals all its brilliance once cut according to specific proportions, which gives it its shape: round, or "brilliant", the most classic cut, oval, pear, marquise, princess, cushion ... There are many ways to highlight the purity and beauty of the stone! Depending on its color, ranging from D (extra white) to Z (yellowish), its purity (depending on the impurities, the natural "inclusions" trapped in the stone that are created during its formation), its carat weight and its cut (the shape given to it), the value of a diamond can be multiplied. At Lepage, we only use diamonds of D to F color (i.e. very white), with a minimum of SI quality (Small Inclusion, very small imperfections, visible with a 10x magnifying glass). Every week, our expert gemologists go to the famous Antwerp diamond exchange to select the stones that will be used to set our jewelry. Each gem is selected with the greatest care, one by one, for its brilliance, color, size and weight. For all stones above 0.5 carat, an HRD or GIA certificate attesting to its characteristics and origin is provided with the jewelry, to ensure its authentication and optimal traceability.

Precious stones handpicked

Did you know? There are only four precious stones: diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald. All other natural stones are called "fine stone", or "ornamental stones". Fine stones (formerly called "semi-precious", but this designation is no longer allowed), have the characteristic of being transparent, unlike ornamental stones which are opaque. In the family of fine stones, we find gems such as aquamarine, tourmaline, garnet, topaz, amethyst and citrine, and in the family of ornamental stones lapis lazuli, tiger's eye, malachite, turquoise, pyrite, carnelian and onyx. The last distinction that can possibly be made concerns the so-called organic stones such as mother-of-pearl, amber and coral, all of which come from living organisms like shells and trees. Each of the precious and fine stones used in the making of Lepage jewelry is scrupulously examined by our gemologists to ensure that it precisely meets our criteria of excellence.

Mastered, step-by-step manufacturing

Made in several stages from design to punching, Lepage jewelry is manufactured according to a precise process. They thus pass through the hands of several professionals with a specific core business, while being subjected to numerous stages of verification. From the basic design, a wax model is established, which will serve as a mold into which the body of the jewel will be cast. The setting will then be set with great care, each stone finding its place in a cavity called the "bezel", before the claws surrounding it are folded back to hold it firmly. The next step is to polish and rhodium-plate the jewel, to give it a lustre and shine like no other, removing any traces that may have been left during the previous stages of manufacture. The last step is to hallmark the jewel, to enable the authenticity and traceability of the piece.

Lepage collections: jewelry with a special soul...

Year after year, Maison Lepage never ceases to enrich its catalog with new models... The inspiration and creativity that drive us are derived from the world around us, details, atmospheres, which give birth to ideas and desires at the origin of each of our collections, all marked by a particular atmosphere ... 1922 La Magnifique, Colette, Suzanne, Evidence... So many jewelry lines to discover without delay, which will transport you into their precious and sparkling world!

Lepage accompaniment and custom creation

For a century, the passion for jewelry has been an integral part of our DNA. Our sales consultants are at your disposal to guide you in your choice, and to help you find the jewel you need. Do not hesitate to come and meet us in store to benefit from a personalized accompaniment, or contact us directly by email or phone!

Customized creation

If despite the wealth of different jewelry offered on our site you do not find your happiness, know that we offer a personalized service of jewelry creation on request. For this, do not hesitate to contact our teams who will be happy to accompany you to create the ring of your dreams!

Online sales

It is to meet a growing demand that we now offer all our creations on the internet. And because we know that choosing a jewel online is not necessarily easy, we offer you an accompaniment if you feel the need. You can contact us by email or phone to answer all your questions and guide you in your purchase. We will be happy to help you in your decision making. In order to reassure you, you can return your product within one month to ask for an exchange or a refund.