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Coquette collection


Victoria, Eléanor, Antoinette or Pompadour... Coquette creations embody the prestige and elegance of yesteryear. Directly inspired by the women of the world, each piece of jewelry reinterprets nobility with a modern twist, for the women of today and tomorrow.

Coquette jewelry is precious without taking itself too seriously!

The Coquette collection: the pomp and elegance of yesteryear

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of a bygone era, when opulence and refinement reigned supreme. In this collection of exceptional jewelry, the soul of the boudoirs of yesteryear, the nobility of marquises and the grandeur of queens intertwine to create unique, sumptuous creations. Welcome to the world of Coquette, where every jewel echoes femininity and elegance.

What sets the Coquette collection apart is the richness of the settings that accompany the central stones of each creation. Crowns of diamonds sublimate each gem with their glittering presence, bringing brilliance and sparkle to the jewelry. Like the jewelry pieces worn by noblemen in ancient times, Coquette creations reveal a precious soul and unashamedly embrace the abundance that characterizes them...

The enchantment of Coquette colors

Each Coquette jewel is sublimated by the eternal nobility of the diamond, as a center stone or a companion stone. The most iconic jewelry in the collection is also available in colored gemstones!

Deep sapphires, fiery rubies and resplendent emeralds reveal themselves with magnificence, adding a touch of playfulness to these remarkable creations! In white, yellow or rose gold, Coquette jewelry comes in a range of shades, from warm to cool, dazzling to refined, to please every woman...

Immerse yourself in a captivating journey through the twists and turns of time, where timeless elegance and opulent splendor meet, and where each piece embodies luxury and femininity, recalling an era when jewelry was a symbol of power and prestige...

Focus on the Coquette set

Irradiating light, the jewelry at the heart of the Coquette collection is made up of eponymous jewelry that reveals itself in all its roundness. The central diamond is surrounded by a garland of small sparkling diamonds, for even more sparkle. Between elegance and softness, these pieces have been designed in the spirit of festivities, balls, candlelit evenings... Made to be seen, you can't forget them!

If Coquette were a queen, she would certainly be Marie-Antoinette... the very symbol of extravagance and opulence. Known for her luxurious lifestyle, her love of the arts, fashion and entertainment, the sovereign embodied the high society of her time better than anyone else. Coquette is all about splendor, audacity and prestige, and pays tribute to the refinement of times gone by with a well-mastered touch of contemporaneity.

Discover the whole Coquette universe

Playing on its assets to charm us, Coquette combines simplicity and refinement. Richly crafted, the jewelry in this collection highlights the passion that drives us every day, and perfectly embodies the diamond craftsmanship we've been cultivating for over a hundred years. If you'd like to find out more about the inspirations behind each piece of jewelry, take a look at our blog post!

Coquette collection