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LEPAGE Coquette Jewelry

LEPAGE Coquette Jewelry

LEPAGE Coquette Jewelry

Coiled in the hollow of the neck or slipped around a finger, Coquette jewelry likes to be noticed. The finely crafted pieces give pride of place to femininity and elegance. The nobility of the diamond is revealed through the accompanying stones, sublimating the purity of the jewel. Rich creations, worked with finesse and a touch of audacity. Most of the jewelry in the Coquette collection is also available in colored stones. Lepage.fr invites you to discover its Coquette jewelry collection.

Coquette: femininity and prestige at the rendezvous

Victoria, Eléonore or even Comtesse... Coquette creations recall the prestige and elegance of yesteryear. Directly inspired by the women of the world, each piece of jewelry reinterprets nobility to the taste of the day and addresses all women of today and tomorrow. Coquette jewelry is precious without taking itself too seriously! This collection is the testimony of our know-how and our expertise and allows us to highlight the talent of our jewelers who conceive these precious creations in our workshops. A vector of emotions, Coquette jewelry has a lot to say.

Lepage: the desire to mark time and minds

A universe, a state of mind, a desire... Each Lepage collection invites you to discover a story. Through each line, it is all the know-how of our Maison that is passed on, generation after generation... Within the workshops, the magic works and our master jewelers shape pieces that mark time and spirits. Regularly enhanced, our collections evolve to satisfy you.

Coquette and the precious stones

Coquette highlights the most beautiful gem: the diamond. Its intoxicating facets dress Lepage creations... But Coquette does not forget the colored gemstones. Our solitaires, earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces are adorned with pretty colored stones to brighten up your daily life. Sapphires, rubies and emeralds are revealed in remarkable creations to highlight these stones of fascinating beauty.