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Audacieuse collection

Audacieuse collection

Modern jewelry with bold volumes, clean lines and sharp contours: Lepage presents the Audacieuse collection! Audacieuse creations are pieces of character with a distinctive architectural profile that leave no one indifferent...

A contemporary collection

The Audacieuse collection offers a modern and refined aesthetic, featuring graphic and architectural lines that stand out from the usual conventions of jewellery.

Each creation in the Audacieuse collection is meticulously crafted by our master jewellers, revealing the essence of the passion that has driven Maison Lepage since it was founded in 1922. Each piece bears witness to the commitment to excellence and attention to detail that lie at the heart of our heritage. Each diamond, carefully selected and set, reveals its brilliance in perfect harmony with the surrounding 18k gold. This wedding ring of exceptional materials gives each jewel in the collection a timeless elegance and a captivating aura of sophistication.

Jewellery that's right up to date

In yellow gold, the Clyde necklace and the Belle Audacieuse ring bring warmth to the atmosphere with their presence! These are modern-looking pieces of jewelry, where the diamond is showcased in the most beautiful way, supported by strong settings.

The difference between the Audacieuse and Belle Audacieuse solitaires rings ? On the latter, the gem is princess-cut, which means it's square, while on the former, it comes in brilliant-cut, a perfect round that enhances each of its facets...

In yellow gold, the Clyde necklace and the Jolie-Garçonne ring warm the atmosphere with their presence! These are jewels with a modern look, in which diamonds are showcased in the most beautiful way, with strong settings.

If you're looking for an engagement ring or wedding band that stands out from the more traditional models, the Audacious collection presents you with intricately crafted designs, whose contemporary aesthetic will surely captivate you!

Audacieuse wedding ring

The centerpiece of the wedding jewelry in the Audacious collection, this wedding band is a creation that showcases magnificent emerald-cut diamonds!

Fougueuse engagement ring

Sublimating the radiant-cut diamonds, Fougueuse stands out with panache at the heart of the Audacieuse collection. Its modern allure contrasts perfectly with its slightly retro curves, giving it a beautifully unexpected, slightly mischievous style.

Charmeuse wedding ring

Paved half or full turn with baguette diamonds, this wedding band is available in white, yellow, and rose gold. Gleaming with a beautiful shine, it will catch everyone's eye!

Creations for everyday life

The main aim of our collection is to offer jewellery with a strong personality, but designed to be worn every day. Like these emblematic earrings, each piece in the Audacieuse line is meticulously designed to combine aesthetics and practicality, accompanying you with elegance from sunrise to sunset, whether it's an ordinary day or an exceptional event.

Audacieuse collection