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LEPAGE Audacieuse Jewelry

LEPAGE Audacieuse Jewelry

LEPAGE Audacieuse Jewelry

Jewelry in the air of time

Current and charismatic, the Audacieuse collection signed by Lepage features jewelry with resolutely modern lines, which will undoubtedly be favored by strong personalities. Massive, with boldly assumed volumes, the creations in this line assert their character through straight lines, flat surfaces and clear angles. Audacieuse jewels have a graphic and architectural silhouette, breaking free from convention and the most classic codes of traditional jewelry. The diamond that adorns these pieces unleashes its fire with panache, responding to the brilliance of the 18k gold (750 gold) with an unparalleled sparkle. The harmonious balance between softness and strength that emerges from these jewels illustrates the expertise of Maison Lepage, master jeweler and diamond merchant since 1922.

The collection's flagship piece: the Audacieuse solitaire ring

Best-seller in this collection, the magnificent Audacieuse solitaire ring, which offers a breathtaking visual rendering! Seemingly levitating thanks to the bold mass setting that holds it in place, the diamond at the center of this stunning engagement ring is emancipated from all constraints. Unleashed, the gem is shot through with light from side to side, releasing a myriad of tiny rainbows with each of your movements!

Lepage know-how and quality

All our jewelry is imagined and designed in our French workshops, before being developed and fashioned according to traditional know-how by professionals, passionate about their craft. The gold we use for our creations is recycled gold, partly bought directly from our customers. The gold we use to make our jewelry is exclusively 18k gold (750 gold), that is to say an alloy of metals comprising 75% pure gold. Gold cannot be used in its pure form because it is too malleable. Combining it with other precious metals allows it to be worked and given a look that will not deform over time. Gold is a natural metal that resists oxidation and corrosion. This characteristic makes it a metal that stands up extremely well to time. 18k gold (750 gold) is the quality of reference for all the great Jewelry Maisons, it is the highest quality that can be used for the manufacture of jewelry. It is combined with other metals such as copper, palladium or silver. Depending on the amount of metals in the alloy, the gold will take on a pinkish hue ("rose gold") or a slightly grayish hue (which will then be covered with a layer of rhodium to become a beautiful bright white "white gold"). In order to keep your gold jewelry as beautiful and shiny as possible over time, we recommend that you take good care of it, and come into the store to have it polished and rhodium plated every two years. They will come out looking like new! To learn more about jewelry care, be sure to check out our article on the subject!

Ethical philosophy of Maison Lepage

RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council) certified since 2019, Maison Lepage is committed to offering jewelry made according to strict standards, respecting social, ethical and environmental law. These standards attest to the application of good practices regarding the supply chain and production of precious materials (metals and stones), as well as the social policy and values applied within the company. RJC certification attests to the respect shown to customers, employees and suppliers by Maison Lepage, whose family know-how, passion and values have been passed down from generation to generation for over a hundred years. All our jewelry is also stamped to certify its origin and authenticity. This identification is mandatory and includes a master stamp, attesting to the brand of the jewel, and a state stamp to guarantee the purity of the metal used.