Collection Venus


Venerated for thousands of years and a goddess of antiquity, Venus embodies femininity more than anyone else. Discover this collection made of recycled gold and signed by Lepage, a true ode to women and diversity.


Behind this all-gold collection is a passionate and committed designer Naïs Rosso. The winner of the Design Competition 2021 organized by Maison Lepage thus had the opportunity to make this ambitious project a reality by completing 6 months of internship in our Development and Manufacturing department. The Venus collection was the initial project presented to the jury.

After almost 2 years of work, the result is expressed through 7 exceptional pieces with rich symbolism... A line dedicated to women aiming to sublimate each body. At the heart of these creations, a strong motif: the symbol "♀", which originally represents the mirror of Venus, and a stylized version of the Lepage triangle.

A collection made exclusively of recycled gold

While the history and DNA of this collection are essential pillars, which are largely important to Maison Lepage, it is also important to know that this line has another particularity: this first collection without gems is composed of 100% recycled 750 thousandth yellow gold. This deliberate choice is important and underlines the permanent involvement of our House, certified Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) since 2021.

The Venus pieces are thus all made in our French partner workshops, from reused 750 thousandths gold. Why privilege the use of recycled gold? No one is unaware that gold is one of the most precious and rare metals available. The extraction of gold is inevitably linked to the emission of thousands of tons of CO2.

Choosing to opt for recycled gold means significantly reducing the ecological impact of its production! By buying back gold from our customers, for example, we contribute in our own way tothe growth of an ever more responsible jewelry industry.


It's hard not to notice the predominant inspiration at the heart of the Venus line of jewelry:the mirror of Venus. Goddess of love, femininity and seduction, Venus speaks for all women. The jewelry is worn like everyday amulets, creations carrying strong and vivid emotions that resonate within every woman. To be worn alone or in accumulation, jewelry offers a power to the female gender: that of letting their unique personality express itself.

Cassiopeia, Daphne, Athena, Venus... Women of power at the heart of Greek or Roman mythology, but above all women of heart and inspiration... These female characters who have marked antiquity are still today a reflection of the heritage that each member of the female gender carries within. At the heart of the collection, an iconic figure stands out, Venus, conveying a powerful message, that of acceptance of love in all its forms.

Collection Venus