Lepage Venus jewelry

Lepage Venus jewelry

Lepage Venus jewelry

Conceived by a woman, developed by women and worn by women, the Venus line is an ode to sensuality, femininity and empowerment. In every woman lies a strength that only needs to be expressed, and sometimes it only takes a little for this power to be released. Venus jewelry reflects our desire to allow each woman to express her will to power, through strong and symbolic pieces.

Venus, an all-gold collection

Unlike other Lepage collections, Venus is a set of jewelry made of gold on which no stones are set. The seven pieces in the line, a set of earrings, necklaces and bracelet are thus made of 18k yellow gold, gold in one of its purest forms. Solar and radiant, this material embodies the spirit of vitality inspired by Venus, goddess of love in all its forms, seduction and feminine beauty in Roman mythology.

The myth around Venus

Assimilated to the Greek goddess Aphrodite, Venus is the mother of love, births and beauty. It is in her wake that women have been sailing for centuries, and under her protective gaze that they blossom and grow. Each woman is built in the shadow of this protective figure who shapes her, gives her feminine energy and guides her through her life. All of them carry her heritage and enjoy her influence. At the heart of many mythological legends, she has also been represented through various art forms, such as by the renaissance painter Botticelli, through the famous painting The Birth of Venus.

The story behind the creation of the Venus collection

Conceived by Naïs, the grand prize winner of Maison Lepage's 2021 design competition (if you want to know more about the terms of the competition and Naïs' first prize win, be sure to check out our dedicated blog post!), the Venus line pays homage to all women. Streamlined, the jewelry is an assemblage of motifs rich in meaning, namely the Venus mirror, the "♀" symbol that represents woman, as well as the Lepage triangle (which takes on its full meaning at the heart of the 1922 La Magnifique collection). Merged, these are the three elements that evoked to the designer the design of the line, and the main motif sublimated by the central piece: the Venus mono earring, a jumbo earring that can be worn in three different ways, according to your desires...

A Made in France collection, from recycled gold

As holders of the RJC certification since 2021, which attests to the good social, economic and environmental practices of our jewelry business, we are committed to making ever greater efforts and to getting involved through concrete commitments to reduce our environmental impact. Today, more than 90% of Lepage's jewelry is made of recycled gold. With this new Venus collection, the brand goes even further, since this time all the pieces are made of recycled gold and entirely manufactured in France.