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LEPAGE Suzanne jewelry

LEPAGE Suzanne jewelry



Brand Collection
Suzanne - Lepage
Jewel material
White Gold 750 th
LEPAGE Suzanne jewelry

Suzanne, the charm of the vintage

Inspired by the jewelry designs of our elders, Suzanne's creations are imbued with a charming vintage aura. Marquise-cut (also known as "navette-cut") and pear-cut diamonds take center stage in this collection, where old-world refinement meets contemporary elegance. The result is beautifully retro jewelry, which will appeal to all those who are looking for a piece where the charm of the past blends with today's know-how!

Lepage diamonds

Mounted on 18k gold ((or « 750/1000 gold », the finest and only quality of gold we work with at Lepage), the diamonds only stand out more beautifully! Carefully selected by our gemologists at the famous Antwerp diamond exchange, the gems chosen are all at least F Si quality. This designation indicates a very beautiful whiteness and remarkable purity, resulting in a brilliant stone.

The marquise cut, or shuttle cut

The marquise is a so-called "fancy" diamond cut, as opposed to the classic "brilliant" (or "round") cut. This cut gives the diamond an oval shape, pointed at its ends. This name would have been given to the diamond by Louis XIV, in homage to the shape of the mouth of the Marquise de Pompadour with which the king would have been in love.

The pear cut

Like a pretty drop of water, the pear cut is a cut that was long put aside but is now making a strong comeback. It's easy to see where its popularity comes from when you see the very pretty enhancement of a pendant adorned with a stone cut in this shape, or the finesse it lends to the design of a ring that beautifully elongates and refines the hand once it's passed over the finger!

The colored stones setting Suzanne jewelry

As with our diamonds, we take special care in choosing the colored stones, or gemstones, namely sapphire, emerald and ruby, that come to adorn our creations. At Suzanne's, the central stone is generally surrounded by a garland of small brilliant diamonds, which brings out its magnificent color and adds a touch of preciousness to the jewel. The pavement or surround of gems gives height to the gemstone at the heart of the creation, and a richly worked finish to the jewel. One thing is sure, whether it is a necklace, a ring, a pair of earrings or a bracelet: Suzanne's jewelry does not go unnoticed, and attracts all eyes in the most beautiful way ... Let yourself be seduced without delay