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Les Archives de Jacques collection

Les Archives de Jacques

Discover Les Archives de Jacques, a collection of jewellery that pays tribute to the expertise of Maison Lepage, featuring creations made from drawings and moulds dating back to the 1970s!

Dive into the heart of the 1970s with the remarkable Archives de Jacques collection, a pivotal period in many ways. Indeed, not only was technology undergoing constant innovation at the time, but the world of jewellery itself was experiencing new influences and seeing its codes overturned. Shapes, materials and techniques were evolving to offer creations that were perfectly in tune with the desires of the woman of the time, more original, standing out from tradition. At the time, white gold embodied elegance par excellence, an undeniable symbol of refinement, which is why we find it at the heart of this line, sublimating the diamonds and sapphires mounted on the creations...

Oval and marquise sizes in the spotlight!

Gemstone cutting refers to the way in which the stone is cut and shaped to reveal its brilliance, clarity, and optical characteristics. It is a precise and meticulous craft process carried out by experienced lapidaries.

The shuttle cut is characterised by its elongated shape and pointed ends, and is also known as the marquise cut. This shape maximises the visible surface area of the stone, giving the illusion of a larger gem while retaining a more modest carat weight. Because of this unique silhouette, the shuttle cut adds a vintage and retro feel to jewelry, often evoking bygone eras in an elegant and timeless way. The oval size on the other hand features a rounded shape at the ends. This size is appreciated for its roundness and originality. It offers a brilliance similar to that of a round size while having its own distinct elegance - that's its trump card! Its classic look also lends a retro charm to the jewelry, evoking nostalgic feelings...

These cuts, navette and oval, are prized for their ability to enhance the natural beauty of diamonds and sapphires. They add a unique dimension and style that transcends contemporary trends, giving the jewelry a timeless aura and undeniable vintage appeal!

Maison Lepage is one hundred years old and has many memories to share with you! Among them is that of Jacques, who belonged to the third generation of diamond merchants to carry on the family legacy. Some of these designs and moulds were recently found in the Maison's archives, and this collection is the result. Based on the actual models left by Jacques Lepage, the resulting jewels undeniably exude that little je ne sais quoi that gives them their charm... Creations rich in meaning, infused with the sweet scent of the past, as adorable as they are precious!

Les Archives de Jacques collection