Baptismal jewelry

Baptismal gift


Rain of Stars medal in yellow gold

Brand Collection
Médailles de baptême - Arthus Bertrand
Jewel material
Gold 750 th

Colette medal in rose gold

Brand Collection
Colette - Lepage
Jewel material
Rose Gold 750 th
Baptismal gift

Baptism jewelry: a symbol for a lifetime

A baptism, whether religious or republican, marks a baby's entrance into a community. An act strong in symbolism, the christening is generally celebrated in family and among friends, and it is customary to mark the occasion by offering a piece of jewelry to the child, such as a medal or a bracelet. In principle, it is the godfather or the godmother who takes care of the present, and gives it back after the ceremony. If the baptism celebrated is a religious baptism, the priest may be asked to bless the medal, right after the child.

What christening jewelry for a girl or boy?

Christening jewelry, and especially religious medals, are rather mixed jewelry. It is rather your beliefs and the message you wish to convey that will help you choose the motif that the medal will represent, whether it is a dove of peace, a tree of life, the Virgin Mary, Jesus, an angel or one of the many saints, each of which is endowed with a particular meaning. Concerning the bracelet, once again the choice that you will make will be able to be carried on a traditional model, with a reason in the shape of oval or rectangle, or then a form a little more original like a cloud, a pastille or even a heart. If you hesitate in the choice of the jewel, or in the choice of its material (18k white gold? Yellow? Rose? Ornamented with mother-of-pearl or colors?) do not hesitate to approach our sales consultants, who will know how to guide you in this important decision to take!

A personalized christening jewel

In order to make your jewel unique, Lepage offers to engrave it free of charge, with the inscription of your choice. Initials, first name, date or personalized message: choose through our online tool what you would like to have inscribed on the back of the medal or along the curb chain, the desired font and the layout of the different elements, so that our master jewelers can carry out the engraving.