Baptismal bracelets

Baptismal bracelets


Gourmette Réglisse en or jaune

Brand Collection
Gourmettes - Arthus Bertrand
Jewel material
Gold 750 th
Baptismal bracelets

Baptismal bracelet, a symbolic piece of jewelry

The baptismal bracelet is a special symbol of the child's faith and commitment to God. It is a precious gift that is kept for life! By tradition, bracelets are given as gifts to children at their baptism ceremony. These bracelets are not only worn during the ceremony, but also in everyday life, as a reminder of this special day. Being made of different materials, at Lepage we prefer 18k gold (750 gold) jewels in order to offer you excellent jewels, of optimal quality. For a girl or a boy, a bracelet is an excellent choice as a baptism gift! In order to offer a unique piece of Jewelry, it is customary to have it engraved with a first name, a date, initials or a sweet word, rich in meaning in your eyes. In yellow, white or rose gold, adorned with mother-of-pearl, with a religious or secular motif or simply all gold in the shape of a rectangle, cloud, lozenge... There is no shortage of models! Make your choice of christening bracelet among this nice selection, and fall for the model that will please him the most!