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All the jewelry

All the jewelry

On Lepage.fr, discover a wide selection of jewelry for men and women, from the most prestigious contemporary jewelry houses, of which Lepage is the official distributor: Dior, Messika, Fred, dinh van, La Brune et La Blonde... As well as numerous Lepage-signed creations imagined by our jewelry makers!

Lepage know-how and quality

Each of Lepage's signature pieces is designed and crafted in our workshops, using traditional methods. Fashioned in 18k gold , our jewelry is divided among various collections, depending on the soul they contain. Rather modern, classic or imbued with an adorable vintage charm, Lepage's necklaces, rings, earrings and bands will meet all your desires!

Passionate about our craft, we pride ourselves on our diamond expertise, which allows us to offer you jewelry pieces set with the most beautiful stones, which our gemologists buy every week at the famous Antwerp Diamond Exchange. Chosen one by one, the diamonds that adorn our creations are of the finest quality. Feel free to check out our blog post if you want to know more about diamonds!

In order to always satisfy you, we make every effort to give life to jewelry that resembles you, and that will accompany you during all the most important events of your life: to celebrate a birth, a marriage proposal, a baptism, a birthday, or simply make a gift to someone dear to your heart to tell him that you love him.

Giving a jewel is always a strong act, full of symbolism. Lepage is by your side to help you find the right piece that will best suit your expectations, in order to please or indulge yourself with a wonderful gift.

The prestige of the great jewelry brands on lepage.fr

Dior, Messika, dinh van, Boucheron, Fred, So Shocking or even La Brune et La Blonde, Le Gramme, Aurélie Bidermann have trusted us for years to showcase their luxurious creations, and offer you their new collections as they are released.


Specializing in baptismal medals and children's jewelry since 1830, the Maison A. Augis stands out as a safe bet when it comes to offering the very first piece of jewelry of a lifetime. Made of 18k gold , the A. Augis jewelry celebrates the memory of a precious moment. The ideal gift for godparents!


Arthus Bertrand: the benchmark for christening and birth jewelry

For more than 200 years, Arthus Bertrand creations have been inviting themselves to major celebrations. Fashioned in 18k gold , Arthus Bertrand jewelry is discreet and elegant to better enclose the memory of a moment of happiness...

Arthus Bertrand baptismal medals

Adorned with religious or secular symbols, Arthus Bertrand baptismal medals are a must-have. As one of the first pieces of jewelry a child receives following his or her coming into the world, the baptismal medal symbolizes a baby's or child's entry into religion, or society.

Fashioned in 18k gold , Arthus Bertrand medals are made in France, using traditional techniques.

Generally imbued with a great symbolic and emotional charge, Arthus Bertrand medals are designed to be engraved on the reverse side with a date, a first name, a message or an initial, to make them personalized jewelry. Worn close to the heart, a medal is a symbol of belonging, which should be chosen with care.

Arthus Bertrand's curbets

A christening or birth jewel par excellence, the gourmette is a bracelet that is worn every day. Lepage offers to have the jewelry engraved free of charge before giving it away, so that it is personalized and a vector for the feelings you wish to convey through it!

The Miraculous Medal and Arthus Bertrand pendants

The expertise of the Maison Arthus Bertrand, although often reported only to baptismal medals, does not stop there! Discover a selection of religious pendants such as the Christian cross or Huguenot cross for example, as well as the iconic Miraculous medal representing the Virgin Mary.

Miraculous are small pendants, which come in all-gold or colored versions, to be worn around the neck or as a bracelet for example! Alone, in accumulation of a baptismal medal or in superposition with other Miraculous, this medal is worn in many ways. Originally a religious object, it has now become a real fashion accessory, adding a touch of color to every outfit...


Aurelie Bidermann's jewelry are little treasures of skin that we cherish with tenderness... Wonders in 18k yellow gold , set with precious stones: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires... So many wonderful gems highlighted in modern and amazing creations, which you can discover or rediscover on Lepage.fr.

A plurality of invitations to travel

Shimmering colors, surprising shapes, amazing inspirations... And a very close link with nature! Aurélie Bidermann's jewelry plays with codes for the greatest pleasure of the eyes! Exoticism and change of scenery can be felt in each of the creations. These pieces can be worn as well on a paradisiacal beach as for everyday life.

The Aurélie Bidermann collections

The jewelry and high-fantasy brand Aurélie Bidermann unveils modern collections that have become iconic:

The Chivor collection

The Chivor pendants are works of art with the look of pocket watches. Holding precious and colorful stones such as pink sapphires, blue sapphires, diamonds, topaz, rubies, emeralds... The sapphire glass serves as a precious cage and the gold hoop magnifies this exceptional piece by playing its golden reflections on the stones. The Chivor pendant is worn with delicacy and a hint of mischief.

The Lace Collection

The most feminine fabric in the world is transformed into gold... The Dentelle collection reveals creations of extreme singularity highlighting this noble textile. Rings, earrings, open bangles... Elegance is felt in each piece of jewelry. The brilliant cut diamonds come to sublimate these very refined creations for the women of the world.

The Ginkgo Collection

The Ginkgo line brings us a new version of the sacred leaf of the 40-crore tree. The sacred tree of the East inspired the Jewelry Maison Aurélie Bidermann to fashion pendants, earrings and rings in 18k yellow gold and diamonds and tsavorite stones. The texture work on metal is admirable and elegant.

Bouquet Collection

Sensual and spring-like, the Bouquet collection is a true declaration of love for flowers and their beauty. Roses, daisies and pansies are displayed in rings, necklaces and bracelets. The volumes are generous and the precious stones reinforce the appeal of this jewelry. Blue topaz, rhodolite garnet and tsavorite combine with 18k yellow gold for the most beautiful rendering.

The Scarab Collection

Small scarab talismans are as precious as they are prestigious. This sacred animal in ancient Egypt is a symbol of life and renewal. Made of turquoise, pink opal and lapis lazuli, these small protective shapes are assembled on gold threads. To be worn alone or in accumulation, Aurélie Bidermann's scarabs can be found on lepage.fr.


Embodying French creativity and jewelry know-how, Boucheronjewelry is a must-have luxury piece. Signing remarkable and modern pieces, the brand draws its inspiration from the wonders that nature offers, as well as urban and architectural settings, bringing to life contemporary creations with inimitable style. Fitting every figure, like the Quatre Boucheron ring or the Toi et Moi ring from the Serpent Bohème collection, Boucheron pieces are iconic...

For both men and women, Boucheron necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets are pieces that can be worn both on a daily basis to complete an outfit with a strong piece and in the evening. For more than 160 years, Boucheron has been bringing traditional jewelry-making skills to life through its 18k gold and gemstone jewelry, whose most famous collections, such as Serpent Bohème, Quatre and Nature Triomphante, are a dream come true for lovers of beautiful things...


Famous for giving pride of place to pearls, the Maison Claverin has risen to the rank of a must-have! Simple, delicate and elegant jewelry. Lepage.fr invites you to discover all the collections of the Maison Claverin.

The Claverin pearl

Far from the clichés about the outdated pearl, the Claverin pearl is refined, modern, elegant, colorful... But above all, the Claverin pearl has personality and is not afraid to claim it! This pretty marvel is always natural and upsets the established codes. Sometimes rock, sometimes sober, sometimes casual or even edgy... The styles are as eclectic as the range of jewelry offered: necklaces, earrings, creoles; studs, cords, rings, rushes... Diversity reigns!

The pearl that was for everyone

The Claverin pearl has no age, or even gender! Claverin jewelry seduces men, women, children... The youngest as well as the oldest! The cord bracelets wrap around the wrists of little girls and boys while the necklaces enhance the natural elegance of women. Men are not left out, and also find the jewelry that suits them.

The Claverin collections

Baby Claverin, Bold Sucess, Raw, Lotta Love, Hope, Pure... Discover the Claverin universe at Lepage by browsing the different lines of the Jewelry Maison. A true declaration of love for the pearl, the Maison Claverin immerses you in its poetic and precious universe.


Discover or rediscover dinh van jewelry and all the brand's most emblematic collections on lepage.fr.! Menottes dinh van, Le Cube Diamant, Pulse dinh van, Double Heart, Seventies, Lock...

Fashioned in the finest materials, in 18k gold, platinum or silver 925 thousandths, metals of great nobility, the jewelry dinh van all have a very particular design, which connects them to one of the iconic collections of the famous French brand. Minimalist and figurative, dinh van creations stand out from traditional jewelry with models that call upon everyday objects. The clasp is reinvented in the center of the jewelry, and the look of each piece is carefully studied.

Paying homage to the beauty of the woman, the dinh van jewelry has only one objective: to sublimate it. Thought to be jewelry that women wear for themselves and not for those who look at them, the creations of the famous Menottes brand turn codes upside down and convey a resolutely contemporary message!

If we had to choose two words to evoke the soul of the Maison de Luxe and the DNA of the brand, it would certainly be "modernity" and "ambition"!


An icon of French luxury, the Maison Dioris one of the most influential fashion Houses on the planet. Today, it is Victoire de Castellane, Artistic Director, who has taken over from Monsieur Christian Dior and is in charge of creating the brand's jewelry collections.

The Rose, poetic and feminine, was Monsieur Dior's favorite flower, and is still at the heart of many Dior creations today. Flowers, and more globally nature, are a true source of inspiration for Victoire de Castellanne, and the majority of the brand's jewelry collections are imbued with a charming bucolic soul...

Rose Dior Pré Catelan

An ode to life and nature, the jewelry in the Rose Dior Pré Catelan collection is crafted like precious floral arrangements. Joyful, colorful and poetic, this collection combines beautiful crystalline flowers, and the representation of bees and leaves in 18k gold on precious jewelry...

Rose Dior Bagatelle

With a superb luster, the pieces of the Rose Dior Bagatelles collection are covered with diamonds, and shine in the light. An embodiment of the French savoir-faire of the Maison Dior and a magnificent illustration of the passion that drives Victoire de Castellanne on a daily basis, the jewelry that makes up this collection are sophisticated pieces of jewelry crafted in 18k white gold .


Remarkable for the designer jewelry that makes it up, Dior's signature Bois de Rose collection features modern and contemporary pieces, evoking the thorny stem of a rose. Beautifully soft thanks to their curves, the Bois de Rose creations are strong pieces that come in yellow, rose and white gold, enriched with diamonds or all gold. A reinterpretation of the beauty of nature and its complexity, these jewelry pieces are a must-have!

Rose Dior Couture

Made entirely of 18k rose gold , the romantic Rose Dior Couture collection declines the flower in its bud form, like a promise of all the beautiful things to come. Decorated with small sparkling diamonds, like a dewdrop coiled in the heart of each flower, these jewelry pieces are highly poetic!

Wind Rose and Celeste

Inspired by the famous lucky star so dear to Christian Dior's heart, the Rose des Vents and Céleste collections decline this iconic motif in colorful versions set with diamonds and ornamental stones. In an infinite number of variations, the compass rose is reinvented in the form of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, as charming as they are imbued with symbolism!

GEM Dior

The jewelry in the GEM collection are exceptional pieces, verging on the world of high jewelry. In this universe of graphic lines, gold gives pride of place to ornamental and precious stones, through architectural jewelry that boldly claims its asymmetrical side so modern!


Standing among the most iconic Dior collections, the Mimirose collection presents jewelry that is all about finesse, featuring the representation of pretty little gold flowers, accompanied by precious stones. The delicacy of these creations makes them adorable everyday jewelry, bringing a touch of authentic and precious charm to each of your outfits...


Three letters that mean a lot, a promise, a commitment, a deep love and a sincere trust... So many strong feelings that emerge from this Yes collection! As written with a delicate gold thread, this little word will naturally find its place in the hollow of your neck or slipped into your hand, like a lucky charm reminding you every second of these so special links that unite you to your other half...


Directly inspired by Monsieur Dior's garden, the Diorette collection is colorful! Flowers of all varieties, butterflies, ladybugs, bees, leaves and gems blend together in a joyful intertwining that smells like freshly cut grass, and reveals bold creations inspired by the plant fantasies so dear to the designer's heart. Out-of-this-world jewelry!"


"A FRED jewel is a wink of happiness that illuminates the small and big moments of life": this is the philosophy of FRED, a jewelry maker whose reputation is no longer to be made! Offering richly crafted creations that mesmerize us with their preciousness and assumed presence, the brand is now on the podium of the most influential Maisons in this sector.

Force 10: the iconic must-have collection

Have you always dreamed of finding a piece of jewelry that looks like you, that could accompany you on any occasion and that you would never want to leave? That's what you'll find with the Force 10 bracelets, which you can customize to your desires and wishes. A precious buckle on one side, called a "buckle", in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, set with diamonds or precious stones, accompanied by a cable or cord in the material and color of your choice, for a look that reflects you. Single or double turn, large, medium or small model: find the assembly you like best and go for it! Interchangeable, you can create many combinations with Fred's Force 10 bracelets and buckles. To be worn a thousand ways, for men or women, if you had to choose only one piece of jewelry, it would have to be this one!

Chance Infinie: the collection that radiates confidence and joie de vivre

Similar to how the iconic Force 10 works, you can create your own Chance Initie bracelet, thanks to interchangeable loops and cables. Pieces of jewelry and haute-jouaillerie come together in this timeless collection, whose pieces are worn like talismans to ensure luck, happiness and success. Elusive and very personal, luck will be anchored in these precious amulets, whose flagship motif is also available in rings, necklaces and earrings. Sublimated by the materials that shape them, these creations are expressed in 18k gold (formerly called "18 carats") white, yellow or rose, and are adorned with a multitude of stones as sparkling as they are pure. Diamonds, precious stones and ornamental stones mix and mingle in a set of strong combinations, which mark the spirits...

Pretty Woman: the collection that celebrates love

A modern expression of the many facets of love, the Pretty Woman collection is an ode to femininity. The heart, the central motif of this jewelry line, comes in many versions, each as precious and sweet as the next. Designed to be worn alone or as a mix and match, Pretty Woman creations respond to and complement each other in the most beautiful ways. Necklaces, rings, earrings or bracelets: declare your flame by offering a Pretty Woman jewel to the one you love, and crystallize your feelings through an eternal object that will go through the years without losing its beauty...

Pain de Sucre: the gourmet collection

Highlighting stones par excellence, Pain de Sucre is a collection that invites gourmandise and travel, through its original and colorful creations! Pieces of jewelry and haute-jouaillerie blossom through this rich line, which presents numerous models. The particularity of Pain de Sucre, the innovative aspect of the jewelry that allows to interchange the bodies of rings and the stones that adorn them. With their curious cabochon shape, the gems take height and do not go unnoticed, for a rendering that attracts all eyes once slipped to your hand or your neck. Of great preciousness, rings and necklaces are declined and give life to many combinations that bring joy and color in your daily life. To customize according to your mood or the time it takes, for always more freedom and pleasure to take care of you!

Success: the sensual collection

Success jewelry plays with shapes and harmonies, bringing to life creations with clean, crisp lines, softly rounded edges and assertive design. So many contradictions in rings and bracelets with beautiful volumes, which will be worn with confidence and bring a touch of sensuality to your look.


Reflecting the artistic expression of their creator, Ginette NY creations are characterized by clean and light lines. Skin jewelry that is worn on a daily basis, and that reveals with finesse the beauty of women, following the example of the Ginette NY Disc Ring or the Ginette NY Petit Loup necklace, today true bestsellers in jewelry!!p>

Ginette NY and 18k rose gold

Those who know Ginette NY know it... Rose gold is the muse of the Maison. The rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are almost always fashioned exclusively from this noble material, an alloy of pure gold, copper and silver. The hue of this gold expresses the softness and love that can be found in every Ginette NY creation. Finally, the 75 thousandth rose gold has the particularity of adapting to all skin tones for the most elegant rendering!

The beauty of stones

Ginette NY gives contemporary women a unique jewelry experience. Sensual and resolutely feminine, the jewelry is further enhanced by precious stones such as diamonds but also by ornamental stones such as onyx, lapis lazuli, tiger's eye, mother-of-pearl, labradorite or less common stones such as rhodocrosite or chrysocolla! At Ginette NY, the stone is not only there to adorn the jewelry, it also has virtues, and characteristics of its own: healing, protection, self-confidence, openness to others ... The stones give us all their secrets!"

All Ginette NY collection on Lepage.fr


Since its creation, the Disc Ring collection has never stopped making news. It all began in 2010 when La Disc Ring, revolutionized the jewelry world with its colorful and singular natural stones. Frédérique Dessemond invites us to discover a new stone with multiple virtues with each new collection. These jewelry can be worn every day and it seems impossible to get tired of them!


The antique Ring is a square version of the Disc Ring. Modern and very feminine, the Antique Ring can be worn in every moment of life and is adorned with the most beautiful ornamental stones such as lapis lazuli, mother of pearl or turquoise. Accumulate Ginette NY creations for an absolutely majestic look!


Ginette NY accompanies you to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life the BE MINE collection! Elegance and simplicity are at the heart of this line. The diamond invites itself on the rose gold and white gold jewelry and reveals all its brilliance. The creations shine with a thousand lights and sublimate the natural beauty of the future brides. Wedding rings, necklaces, creoles, studs, rings... The complete line allows to highlight all the brides-to-be!"


Outdo the color with Ever! Ginette NY's flagship collection, the Ever collection introduces us to stones with exceptional shades and jewelry that is easy to wear every day.


Both sensual and masterful, the Lotus line honors this flower with powerful symbolism and directly linked to self-fulfillment. The 18k rose gold creations will become precious treasures that snuggle up to your skin.


Maria is the very definition of modern vintage. The pieces in the collection are adorned with colorful stone beads to create authentic jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets combine for an absolutely harmonious look!


The iconic motif of Maison Ginette NY, the strength of the wolf comes to slip around your neck and around your face to awaken the child in you. The spirit is definitely rock and chic and is adopted on a daily basis. The Wolf is iconic and precious, just like you!


La Brune et La Blonde: recognizable jewelry among a thousand

Famous for its innovative pierced stone, held in place by a very thin bezel and without any setting, which thus leaves it free to move around, the Maison La Brune et La Blonde has been among the most beautiful French jewelry brands for 10 years.

The innovation of the naked diamond

Thanks to a unique process that reveals the diamond at 360°, La Brune et La Blonde lets all the beauty of the diamond express itself through its precious creations. The gem is suspended from the jewel without any setting, thus letting the light hit it full force and make it shine with a thousand lights.

Reinterpreting the traditional gold and diamond jewel, the brand has thus quickly stood out and taken an important place in the jewelry market It is now present in the four corners of the planet.

The iconic La Brune et La Blonde collections<

Building on its success, the Maison now offers numerous collections, each as sleek and modern as the next. Precious stones, gemstones and ornaments are at the heart of each creation, sublimated by 18k gold .

With a beautiful cheerfulness thanks to their color, La Brune et La Blonde jewelry is meant to be joyful pieces, which can be worn daily, alone or in accumulation. The earrings and creoles come to illuminate the face, while the necklaces nestle nicely in the hollow of the neck and the bracelets delicately embrace the wrists... In movement, the stones sway and catch the eye, for a most captivating rendering.

Le Gramme

Le Gramme: men's jewelry created around a strong concept

Innovative and resolutely modern, the Le Gramme brand offers jewelry for men with an urban and contemporary style, who like to stand out. Around a unique concept, where the unit of measurement of weight is at the heart of each creation and gives it a special soul, Le Gramme develops jewelry inspired by the codes of architecture and industrial design.

To offer an even more personalized experience, each piece of jewelry can be engraved with the message, numbers, or initials of your choice.

French-style minimalism

Le Gramme jewelry needs nothing but itself to exist. With its frank and assumed lines and beautiful materials, it completes an outfit all in sobriety. The brand's founder, Erwan Le Louër, has been able to set himself apart through a unique creative process, taking a rational approach.

The jewelry is made in France, in recycled noble materials, and draws its strength from its minimal form, from an obviousness in the repetition and from the free field they open by their capacity to accumulate in order to create its own language.

The iconic Cable bracelet

The iconic Le Gramme piece, a must-have? The Cable bracelet, a true emblem of the Maison! Declined in 925/1000 silver, 18k gold white, yellow, red, black ceramic, cord version, polished or matte finish... The variations of this flagship product are numerous, and offer a wide choice so that everyone can find their happiness.


Valerie Messika, daughter of a diamond cutter, celebrates her heritage through exceptional pieces honoring the most renowned of precious stones. Messikajewelry is dressed in a majestic gown of eternal brilliance to shine with a thousand lights.

The Messika DNA

The Maison Messika was born in 2005. Its founder Valérie Messika is the daughter of André Messika, an illustrious diamond dealer. Her passion for diamonds goes back to her early years. Very early on, Valérie Messika developed a real passion for the beauty of diamonds. Passionate and ambitious, Valérie Messika then took the path of jewelry making. Messika's jewelry is thus a showcase for gems with great elegance. The heritage of family know-how is thus expressed through light and delicate jewelry but also through pieces of high jewelry worked with virtuosity.

The Messika diamond

The Messika jewelry features the diamond in its simplest and most elegant form. The gem is then revealed feminine, sensual, comfortable... Messika creations give confidence and are resolutely contemporary, bringing brilliance to the female gender!

Move: a timeless success

Messika's collections are as numerous as they are special, but if there's one that stands out from the crowd and takes its place as an indestructible, it's the Move line. Representing the love of yesterday, today and tomorrow, Move is a real favorite. Move jewelry is instantly recognizable thanks to its famous motif: the 18k gold cartouche and its sliding diamonds trapped in this golden cage. Since the first classic Move line, the collection has seen many ranges: Move Romane, Move Joaillerie, Lucky Move, Move Noa, My Move... Enough to please women all over the world.

The Move collection is a unique and unique piece of jewelry.

Messika workshop and know-how

The Messika workshop is located in Paris, a few blocks from the rue Saint-Honoré. The workshop is confidential and modern, like Messika's creations. It is in this creative place that the pieces are imagined and created. The best jewelry artisans work with Valerie Messika to bring splendid jewelry to life. Weeks and even months are needed for these creations to see the light of day.

The many Messika collections

Crave for Glam'Azone's inspiring jewelry. Succumb to the thread of diamonds enthroned on the Gatsby pi-ces. Reveal your beauty with the round or pear-shaped diamonds of the Joy collection... All Messika collections have a power, a universe, a message to spread... Discover all its lines on lepage.fr!


So Shocking: a contemporary jewelry brand

Founded in 1998 by the Cercle des Joailliers, an association of a dozen associates, the brand So Shocking is the result of the know-how of goldsmiths driven by a passion for creating. With a desire to shake up the classic codes of jewelry, the brand has developed around a strong DNA. Today, more than twenty years after its creation, the Maison has a dozen different collections, representative of its expertise and creativity.

So Shocking collections: bold and authentic

First Time, Capricious, Origin, Singular... All of the So Shocking jewelry lines display a unique temperament, which sets them apart from each other. Are you looking for jewelry with a strong statement, or more discreet for everyday wear? You will certainly find what you are looking for among the many creations of the Maison! Mainly in 18k white and rose gold, So Shocking jewelry is adorned with sparkling diamonds, black diamonds and ornamental stones of the finest quality. The result is modern creations, thought to cross the ages without losing their superb.

The flagship So Shocking design

The central motif of So Shocking jewelry, the cartouche, that lovely oval loop all the way around, is the emblem of the Maison. At the heart of the brand's artistic direction, it can be found in different forms throughout the different collections. Sometimes thought alone, sometimes entwined, all gold, paved with diamonds, adorned with a few gems or encircling an ornamental stone, the buckle comes in many forms. In mini or XXL size, they embellish each So Shocking creation, shimmering in the light at the slightest movement of the wearer, as a necklace, earrings, ring or bracelet. Discover the numerous So Shocking jewelry on lepage.fr, official retailer, and let yourself be seduced by their charm and presence!

Discover without delay all Lepage jewelry, and jewelry for men and women from the most renowned Jewelry Maisons offering quality pieces, manufactured in the respect of traditional techniques, updated thanks to the modernity of current technological advances!