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Fred jewelry

Fred jewelry

Fred jewelry

"A FRED jewel is a wink of happiness that lights up life's little and big moments", this is the philosophy of FRED, a jewelry maker whose reputation is well established! Offering richly crafted creations that mesmerize us with their preciousness and assumed presence, the brand is now on the podium of the most influential Maisons in this sector.

Force 10: the iconic must-have collection

Have you always dreamed of finding a piece of jewelry that looks like you, that could accompany you on any occasion and that you would never want to leave? That's what you'll find through the Force 10 bracelets, which you can custom design to your heart's content. A precious buckle on one side, called a "manila", in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, set with diamonds or precious stones, accompanied by a cable or cord of the material and color of your choice, for a look that reflects you. Single or double turn, large, medium or small: find the assembly you like best and go for it! Interchangeable, you can create many combinations with Fred's Force 10 bracelets and shackles. Wearable in a thousand ways, for men or women, if you had to choose only one piece of jewelry, it would have to be this one!

Infinite Luck: the collection that radiates confidence and joie de vivre

Based on the same operation as the iconic Force 10, you can create your own Chance Initie bracelet, thanks to the interchangeable buckles and cables. Pieces of jewelry and haute-joaillerie come together in this timeless collection, whose pieces are worn like talismans to ensure luck, happiness and success. Elusive and very personal, luck will be anchored in these precious amulets, whose flagship motif is also available in rings, necklaces and earrings. Sublimated by the materials that shape them, these creations are made of 18k gold (formerly called "18 carats") in white, yellow or pink, and are adorned with a multitude of stones as sparkling as they are pure. Diamonds, precious stones and ornamental stones mix and mingle in a set of strong combinations, which mark the spirits...

Pretty Woman: the collection that celebrates love

A modern expression of the many facets of love, the Pretty Woman collection is an ode to femininity. The heart, the central motif of this jewelry line, comes in many versions, each as precious and sweet as the next. Designed to be worn alone or as a mix and match, Pretty Woman creations respond to and complement each other in the most beautiful ways. Necklaces, rings, earrings or bracelets: declare your flame by offering a Pretty Woman jewel to the one you love, and crystallize your feelings through an eternal object that will go through the years without losing its beauty...

Pain de Sucre: the gourmet collection

Highlighting stones par excellence, Pain de Sucre is a collection that invites to greed and travel, through its original and colorful creations! Jewelry pieces and haute-jouaillerie flourish through this rich line, which features numerous models. The particularity of Pain de Sucre, the innovative aspect of the jewelry that allows to interchange the bodies of rings and the stones that adorn them. With their curious cabochon shape, the gems take height and do not go unnoticed, for a rendering that attracts all eyes once slipped to your hand or your neck. Of great preciousness, rings and necklaces are declined and give life to many combinations that bring joy and color in your daily life. To customize according to your mood or the time it takes, for always more freedom and pleasure to take care of you!

Success: the sensual collection

Success jewelry plays with shapes and harmonies, bringing to life creations with clean, pure lines, softly rounded edges and assertive design. So many contradictions in rings and bracelets with beautiful volumes, which will be worn with confidence and bring a touch of sensuality to your look.