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Fred Force 10 jewelry

Fred Force 10

Fred Force 10

The Force 10 collection by FRED Joaillier: iconic

If there were only one, it would be the Force 10 collection.

The Force 10 customizable bracelet, the beginning of all things

Born in 1966, the first Force 10 bracelet was a gift from the son of Fred Samuel, founder of the Maison, to his wife. A simple braided rope, attached by rivets and adorned with a clasp in the shape of a marine snap hook, this bracelet was originally created out of a passion for the sea and sailing.

Today, this bracelet is available in an infinite number of possible combinations, and embodies the expertise of the Maison Fred. A symbol of courage, perseverance and self-confidence, it is more than just a piece of jewelry and can be worn like a lucky charm on the skin.

Its mixed aesthetic adapts to the personality, the morphology and the tastes of each one. Inclusive, it can answer all the desires of the hundreds of models that it is possible to imagine. You can choose a large number of parameters, which will make your jewel unique: size of the buckle (called manila), material, ornament (all gold, studded with diamonds or covered with pavement), width of the bracelet, finishes, colors, materials...

Force 10 Winch jewelry: masculine jewelry

More raw, the Winch creations take up the codes of the Force 10 bracelet: the braided rope, the materials, but come in a more massive version, thus addressing a male public, or one looking for strong pieces. Steel is mixed with black titanium and yellow gold in a play of shapes and materials that complement and respond to each other, to create jewelry with a special soul.

The name of this collection is a direct reference to the marine world, the winch being a key technical part present on sailboats, like a small winch that allows to reduce the traction exerted by the crew on the ropes used to control the sails. Revisited by FRED, it takes on a precious allure and can be interpreted as embodying the idea of directing your life where you want it to go, giving you control and power.

Bold and creative, FORCE 10 is a collection that is as casual as it is jewel-like, illustrating the brand's desire to offer original, joyful and meaningful creations. The meticulous and solid workmanship that goes into making the pieces in this line is representative of the passion and know-how that has driven the Maison Fred for all these years, to offer us remarkable jewelry filled with history!