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Fred Chance Infinie jewelry

Fred Chance Infinie

Fred Chance Infinie

Chance Infinie by FRED JEWELER

Precious talismans, the jewelry in this line are bold creations. Based on the model of the famous Force 10 bracelets, the Chance Infinie bracelets consist of a buckle and a cable, which you can associate with each other because they are interchangeable! Large or medium size, in 18k yellow gold, rose or white, with an all-gold or colored bracelet, adorned with diamonds or precious stones: choose the elements you like and create the composition that meets all your desires!

Celebrating the sweetness and strength of femininity, Infinite Luck is a symbol embodying this idea of good fortune. In the light, the necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets in this range reveal a sparkle and shine that catches the eye in the most beautiful way. Skin jewelry, they are worn daily and accompany you on all occasions.

Reflecting your identity, jewelry are accessories that come to bring the final touch to each of your outfits, and allow you to express your personality. Whether you prefer voluntarily imposing or rather discreet pieces, you will certainly find the jewelry of your dreams among the numerous FRED creations, modern and original jewelry.

Discover the Chance Infinie collection and let yourself be charmed by your favorite model, or design your own favorite jewel!