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Children's jewelry

Children's jewelry

Children's jewelry

Looking for a child jewel for a special occasion? Birthday gift, birth gift, baptismal medal, or simply to please, the children's jewels you will find in this selection are all signed by Lepage and the most beautiful brands!

Giving a jewel to a child, a very special attention

One of the most special gifts, the first precious jewel given to a child is generally a gift that he will keep all his life, and to which he will attach great importance when he grows up. Imbued with symbolism, it is a true sign of love but also of trust to offer a beautiful jewel to a little girl or boy. A discreet pair of earrings, a bracelet or a medal personalised with the child's name, a fine cord bracelet to be worn every day: there are many models to choose from. Whether you choose a piece of jewellery with a rather childish motif, such as a cloud, a butterfly or a flower, or whether you opt for something more neutral, all the creations you will find in this selection are pieces made from the finest materials, with particular care. A vector of strong emotions, a piece of jewellery received as a child will forever hold precious memories, which will be tenderly tinged with nostalgia if they are still worn as an adult...

The baptismal medal: a jewel apart

Very symbolic, the baptismal medal is usually offered by the godfather or godmother. Adorned with a religious or secular symbol according to your beliefs, and depending on the type of baptism, it is a piece of jewellery that is kept for life. To be personalised with an engraving, whether it is a first name, initials, a date or a small message full of meaning, the baptismal medal is a piece of jewellery to be chosen with care. Traditionally made of 18k yellow gold (750 gold), the baptismal medal is also available in rose gold, white gold, decorated with mother-of-pearl or even diamonds. Find many models of baptismal medals among the children's jewellery of this selection, and fall for one of these charming creations!