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Repossi Serti sur Vide Jewellery



In 2024, the iconic Serti sur Vide collection celebrates its tenth anniversary... Iconic, inspired by the hypnotic effect of floating diamonds, by the traditional solitaire revival and by a refined aesthetic this collection pushes the boundaries of creativity to offer unique and timeless pieces.

Strong, creative pieces

The collection's rings stand out for their strong designs that sublimate and elongate the hand, while the earcuffs offer bold, modern aesthetics thanks to the innovative positioning of the stones, largely highlighting the face and sublimating the woman... Each piece in the Serti sur Vide collection is the fruit of exceptional craftsmanship. Repossi's signature frame and the creation of the "Eiffel Tower" bezel, bear witness to a unique expertise widely represented throughout this collection.

Serti sur Vide: innovation and tradition

The Serti sur Vide collection embodies the very essence of innovation and refinement, offering jewellery that transcends trends and celebrates the elegance of fine jewellery. As if laid bare, the diamond, the most precious gem, is displayed on the ear, in the hollow of the neck or on the hand like a delicate trophy of eternal splendour...