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Birth jewelry

Birth gift


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Birth gift

Birth jewelry, an adorable gift for mom and dad

The birth of a child is a wonderful occasion! To celebrate this special event, it's customary to give birth gifts to the parents, and especially to the mother. And why not choose a personalized piece of jewelry? By offering a piece of jewelry, you're sure to give a unique gift that will accompany the mother every day, symbolizing the precious birth of her child.

Imagine the magic of birth immortalized in an adorable pendant hanging around her neck, or a pretty bracelet that will embrace her wrist with tenderness. A precious necklace adorned with a meaningful symbol, luminous earrings that will set off her radiant face, or even a ring to engrave this day forever in the family memory, a precious moment captured in the beauty of gold! What a wonderful way to pay tribute to this unique and unforgettable moment.

And let's not forget proud dad! So that he too can take part in this celebration, we offer a selection of jewelry specially designed for men, pieces that reflect the joy and pride of welcoming a new member to the family. From elegant men's bracelets to refined watches, this jewelry for men is the perfect choice to mark this memorable occasion.

A gift of birth jewelry is much more than a simple present. It's a token of the love, joy and admiration you feel for this new family. It's an emotionally-charged gesture that will pass on precious memories over the years. So dive into the world of jewelry and watches, and let your heart guide you in finding the gift that will make young parents' eyes sparkle and seal this magical moment in their lives forever.

A baby's first precious gift: birth jewelry

The first piece of jewelry a child receives at birth has a very special meaning. It is a deeply symbolic gift that will accompany the child throughout his or her life. Traditionally, the preferred birth jewelry is a necklace, pendant, medal or bracelet. Offered like a talisman, this jewel celebrates the arrival of the newborn into the world, and its selection requires particular attention, as it is a unique and precious gift.

When choosing a piece of birth jewelry, it's important to take several factors into account. First of all, the quality of the material used is essential. Precious metals such as gold or silver are often preferred, as they represent the jewel's durability and intrinsic value. Secondly, the design of the jewel should reflect the special character of the event. Delicate, symbolic motifs such as hearts, stars or baby footprints can be chosen to capture the essence of the birth.

Personalization also plays a key role in the choice of birth jewelry. Engraving the baby's name, birth date or a meaningful message on the jewelry will make it truly unique and emotionally charged. It's a wonderful way to create an eternal bond between the jewel and the child.

When you give a piece of birth jewelry, you're giving more than just a material gift. You're giving a symbol of love and protection, a precious heirloom that will accompany the child throughout his or her life. It's an emotionally-charged gift that will remind the family of the beauty and joy of the arrival of their beloved child.

Whether it's a delicate necklace that rests close to the mother's heart, a medal that will be cherished by the child over the years, or a bracelet that will embellish the wrist, a birth jewel is much more than just a piece of jewelry. It's a timeless treasure that carries with it the love and memories of this unique and precious moment.

Personalize birth jewelry to make it a unique gift

Lepage invites you to discover a fine selection of jewelry designed to be offered on the occasion of a birth, whether for the mother, the baby, or as a joint gift for both. We also offer you the opportunity to personalize your jewelry with the engraving of your choice, making it a unique and personalized piece, full of symbolism. First name, date, initial, love note...

Choose the message you'd like to have engraved, and our master jewelers will take care of the engraving at your request in our workshops.

Are you familiar with birthstones?

Far from being a haphazard invention, it's an official list drawn up in 1912 by the American Gem Society that determines the stones associated with the months of birth. Each month of the year is thus directly linked to a fine or precious stone, with specific symbolism and virtues to which your soul should be attuned.

Whether you're a fan of lithotherapy or not (a non-conventional medicine in the category of holistic care, which lends certain properties and virtues to stones), it's a nice touch to find out which stone is linked to the month of your child's birth, so you can give it to him or her, or to your mother...

It's a little gesture that's sure to touch her heart! If it helps you decide, here's the list of birth months and their associated gemstone: January - garnet; February - amethyst; March - aquamarine; April - diamond; May - emerald; June - pearl; July - ruby; August - pedidot; September - sapphire; October - tourmaline; November - citrine; December - tanzanite.