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Wedding rings

Wedding rings



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Wedding rings

The embodiment of your love in the eyes of all, a pledge of commitment and fidelity, the wedding ring is one of the most symbolic jewels. Generally worn on a daily basis, wedding rings must be comfortable. Chosen by two, they can be identical, not quite the same but keeping the same style, or completely different from each other! Creations signed by Maison Lepage, and models from the collections of the most famous brands are available on our e-shop, in order to offer you a varied choice. All gold, paved with diamonds in half-turn or full turn: find the wedding ring you need! Messika, Le Gramme, Boucheron... The most beautiful Jewelry brands present you with carefully worked creations of impeccable quality.

What model of wedding ring to choose

The classic wedding ring: a gold ring

A simple gold ring, the wedding ring in its most traditional form is a piece of jewelry that has been found in many cultures for thousands of years. Matching perfectly the all-gold men's and women's wedding rings are a timeless and timeless classic, which will stand the test of time without ever losing its beauty.

The Creative all-gold wedding ring

Fancy an all-gold wedding ring pair that's a little different from the traditional ring? Carry your choice to a ring with a creative shape, or with a special finish! Usually the gold ring displays a shiny finish, so if you want something more discreet, you can take your choice to a brushed or guilloche finish wedding ring for example.

The diamond wedding ring

Originally rather feminine, the diamond wedding ring is becoming more democratic for these gentlemen! Great brands like Boucheron, Le Gramme or Messika now offer models of men's rings set with diamonds, whether they are traditional white diamonds, or original black diamonds. By the way, did you have the opportunity to discover the Lepage wedding rings from the 1922 La Magnifique collection? Designed to go with each other, these wedding rings complement each other in the most beautiful way! From their names La Généreuse and La Remarquable, decorated with white diamonds for the woman's wedding band, and black diamonds for the man's wedding band, these two rings display the same design, where the precious stones are arranged in the shape of a triangle on the white gold setting...

What color of gold to choose for your wedding ring

There are no rules for the gold color of your wedding ring, other than to listen to your taste and choose the one you prefer! However, if madam wishes to wear her wedding ring with her engagement ring after the wedding, it is recommended to choose a woman's wedding ring fashioned in the same gold color. Did you know? Gold is immutable and can be reused over and over again. You just have to melt it down to reuse it. At Lepage, we use recycled gold to create our Jewelry in order to limit our ecological footprint as much as possible. A part of this gold is directly bought back from our customers, thus giving a second life to your old Jewelry, while preserving the planet's resources. All wedding rings offered for sale on Lepage eshop are jewels made of 18k gold (750 gold), that is to say the most beautiful quality of gold that can be found.

What is 18k gold (750/1000 gold)?

The gold used in jewelry is called «750 thousandths» (which corresponds to 18k gold) because this metal is actually composed of 75% pure gold, and 25% other precious metals, which serve to give it a specific color, and strength. Indeed, pure gold as found in its natural state is too malleable to be used as such. It is therefore combined with silver, copper or palladium to be worked into jewelry that will not warp when worn.

White gold

White gold, before it is processed, is also called «grey gold». In fact, it is only through the last step of preparing the jewelry that the gold takes on its beautiful bright color! This last step, rhodium plating, consists of applying a very thin layer of rhodium (an extremely rare and precious metal) to the entire piece of Jewelry, so as to cover it. This operation should be repeated regularly, especially for wedding rings that are worn every day, as your jewel will naturally develop a patina, which will somewhat dull its color. We recommend that you have your Jewelry rhodium plated every two or three years, so that your Jewelry never loses its beauty and remains radiant as on the first day!

Yellow gold

With its sunny aura, yellow gold has been used for thousands of years to make jewelry, especially wedding rings. A true benchmark, yellow gold is generally what the mere mention of the material "gold" evokes in us. Highly resistant to corrosion, stainless and unalterable, a piece of yellow gold Jewelry naturally reveals its beautiful golden color when it is simply polished, without any additional treatment. It will thus retain its beautiful hue and brilliance over time, without ever losing its beauty...

Rose gold

The alloy that makes up rose gold has a higher proportion of copper. It is from this metal that the soft roseish hues that rose gold is known for come from. From one Maison to another, the shade of rose can vary from very weak to more pronounced, depending on the amount of copper present in the alloy. Each brand therefore offers rose gold Jewelry in slightly different colors! Less cold than white gold, and less classic than yellow gold, rose gold is a good compromise if you are looking for a modern and precious wedding ring. Today, rose gold is one of the most used metals in jewelry, and is increasingly favored by jewelers.

How to recognize a 18k gold (750/1000 gold) jewelry piece

In order to know the quality of the gold in which your engagement ring is made, you can check the hallmarks that have struck on the piece. The first type of hallmark is the so-called guarantee hallmark, or title hallmark. The Eagle head hallmark guarantees a 18k gold (750 gold) title, while the hallmark representing a scallop identifies 585 thousandths gold jewelry (14k gold), and the trefoil-shaped hallmark concerns 375 thousandths gold jewelry (9k gold). These official authentication hallmarks are accompanied by the master hallmark, which is that of the jeweler who made the piece, attesting to the provenance and quality of the jewelry.

Engraving your wedding rings

Whether it's the date of your union, your first names, your initials, a sweet word or any other message rich in meaning to you, it is traditional to have wedding rings engraved. At Lepage, we know that buying a ring online can be a bit tricky, so we recommend that you do not get your rings engraved before trying them on! Also, even after receiving your rings, if they are true to your expectations and the right size, the option of personalization by engraving is still offered in Lepage's shop. You don't live near one of our stores? In that case, you can send us your jewel free of charge so that our master jewellers can engrave it.

Lepage accompanies you to find the wedding ring of your dreams

Lepage know-how at your service

Diamond merchant and jeweller since 1922, the passion for Jewelry is an integral part of our DNA. Proud to accompany you in all the most important moments of your life, birth, marriage proposal, christening, communion, birthday, celebration of great news... our sales advisors are at your disposal to guide you in your choice, and help you find the wedding ring you need. Do not hesitate to come and meet us in store to benefit from a personalized accompaniment, or contact us directly by email or phone!

Customized creation

If despite the wealth of different wedding ring models offered in this selection you do not find your happiness, know that we offer a personalized service of jewelry creation on request. For that, do not hesitate to contact our teams who will be pleased to accompany you to create the ring of your dreams!