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White gold wedding rings

White gold wedding rings

White gold wedding rings

The white gold wedding ring: unchanging and timeless

Classic half-set, domed half-set, flat ribbon, diamond-cut in full or half-set, matte or shiny finish: a white gold wedding ring can take on many forms! For men or for women, the 18k white gold (750 white gold) wedding ring is a classic model, which goes through time very well and has the advantage of being easily matched with all outfits, from the most sober to the most elaborate. Elegant and refined, the wedding ring is the symbol of your union, embodying your love and commitment through the promise you made to cherish, respect and be faithful to each other for a lifetime. It is a powerful symbol, which must be chosen with care, because you will certainly wear it every day, so it must be comfortable and perfectly adapted to the size of your finger so as not to embarrass you. Generally chosen in couples, the wedding rings can be identical, or have similar designs to match. If this is her choice, madam may decide that she wants to wear her engagement ring and wedding band on the same finger, so it is recommended that you try them on to make sure that the designs are compatible, both aesthetically and practically.

Need help in deciding on your choice, or to know your finger size?

For over a hundred years, Maison Lepage has been accompanying you during the important moments of your life, to celebrate the happiest events marking it. Birth, christening, marriage proposal, anniversary... Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish a personalized accompaniment in your search for 750 white gold wedding rings, we will be delighted to accompany you in your decision making, and to dispense you with all the advice you would need!