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Rose gold wedding rings

Rose gold wedding rings

Rose gold wedding rings

Why choose a rose gold wedding band?

Modern and discreet, rose gold is a particularly interesting choice for a wedding band. This metal has very specific characteristics. 18k rose gold (750 rose gold) resists time and corrosion ... But if rose gold stands out from yellow gold, it is by its color. The rose gold results from a mixture between pure gold, silver and copper. The proportion of copper is what gives rose gold its color. This is why not all rose golds are similar. Soft and singular, this color is ideal to symbolize the love of two beings and will be an excellent choice for women of taste... But also for men! Indeed, rose gold is not the exclusive preserve of women and rose gold wedding rings for men are now commonplace.

Lepage rose gold wedding rings

Lepage offers a wide selection of rose gold wedding rings. Lepage rose gold is a very soft and discreet rose, a particularly delicate hue that will make you fall in love... Combined with precious stones or fine stones, rose gold reveals even more of its splendor and brilliance.