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Since its beginnings, the House of Messika has been shattering codes by combining the timelessness of diamonds with modernity. With her first Move collection, Valérie Messika gives the most beautiful of precious stones its freedom. Discover the house's it-jewels that have marked all generations.

Founded in Paris in 2005, Messika is now firmly rooted in the French jewelry tradition. The fruit of the passion of Valérie Messika, daughter of the famous diamond merchant André Messika, Messika jewelry is all about diamonds, always with finesse and elegance. The founder developed a love for gems and the brilliance of fine jewelry at a very early age. Passionate and ambitious, her path already seemed clear: she would dedicate her career to diamonds... This is not surprising when you know that the eternal stone has always guided her choices. This is what propelled Messika to the forefront of the scene. Years later, Messika shines throughout the world and the jewelry house never ceases to surprise. The heritage of know-how is expressed through light and delicate jewels but also through pieces of high jewelry worked with virtuosity.

<p>It was an obvious choice. When Valérie Messika decided to create her eponymous brand, she was following in the footsteps of her father André Messika, a famous figure in international diamond trading. Lulled by the sparkling power of diamonds, Valérie Messika made her way into the confidential world of jewelry. The young designer quickly made a name for herself by creating dazzling pieces that can now be found on the most famous women's curves in the world.</p>

quote valérie messika
Valérie Messika
Valérie Messika, founder of the Messika jewelry house

<p>In the Messika universe, the stone is comfortable, ergonomic, feminine, sensual... The diamond is different and blends into everyday life. Messika's creations are accessories that give radiance, style, confidence and are no longer simply jewels frozen in time for eternity...</p>

The indestructible Move


Often imitated but never equaled, Valérie Messika's sublime pieces have become legendary. Some of her collections have even become icons, such as her unmistakable Move collection, identifiable at first glance by its sliding diamonds imprisoned in a 750 thousandth gold cartouche. With these three diamonds in motion, Valérie Messika seizes the symbol of love by telling a story: "I loved you, I love you and I will love you". Since then, the flagship collection has seen a plethora of variations to be found on lepage.fr. Move has become an inexhaustible creative field. Move Classique, Move Joaillerie, Lucky Move, Move Romane, My Move... An inventive and fertile impulse that never seems to fade.

woman with Messika jewelry


The Messika workshop

A few blocks from the rue Saint-Honoré boutique, in the epicenter of Parisian glitz, Valérie Messika has set up shop in a confidential, modern and romantic setting. It is here that she gives birth to contemporary and audacious creations. It is also in her workshops that the designer takes up the challenge she has always set herself: to combine jewelry tradition and modernity. To do this, the designer surrounds herself with the best goldsmiths in France and abroad. Lapidaries, polishers, setters, strive to develop treasures of creativity to give life to majestic jewelry.

The drawing

From the very beginning, Valérie Messika has been determined to make the most of her family heritage. As with haute couture, her team creates exceptional pieces in her workshops that take weeks, even months, to come to life. These creations are the subject of hundreds of sketches to validate the jewelry that will adorn a woman's curves. The precise and meticulous hand of a draftsman will then produce a gouache drawing in order to have a concrete idea of the piece in question.

Mounting, assembly and welding

Once the design is completed, the jeweler builds the elements that will form the final structure of the jewel. Then the creator meticulously assembles the different pieces one by one. A Messika jewel requires no less than 200 hours of work. The jeweler then freezes the pieces with a blowtorch. This meticulous work leaves no room for improvisation. Once soldered, each element will host a carefully cut diamond.

Polishing and crimping

The polishing of the jewel intervenes at different stages of the manufacturing process. Several polishings are made before and after the setting. It will allow to obtain a mirror effect and will also allow the diamond to reveal all its splendor. Then comes the final step, the setting. The setter sculpts the material, cuts and sets the stones with extreme precision to give Messika high jewelry its unique character. It is also this operation that will sublimate the diamonds and magnify the jewel.

Messika Paris workshops
jewel design


Imbued with sensuality, Valérie Messika's jewelry is all about femininity. That of the modern woman, free and confident, magnified by the diamond. Her sublime pieces can be worn on a daily basis, but some of her sumptuous creations can also be worn on a dressy outfit for special occasions. Messika is simply the reflection of the personality of its creator... The image of a free, happy, transported woman, taking pleasure in living life at 100 miles an hour, a lady of the world turned towards the future... Her surprising creativity, her sense of detail and her love of beautiful stones are indeed the strengths of this visionary at heart.


Move classique

The success of the Move Classique and Joaillerie line was not long in coming. Its three small mobile diamonds surrounded by a gold cage are the symbol of past, present and future love. Valérie Messika has succeeded in creating a jewel that is trendy, timeless and playful at the same time. It is impossible not to play with diamonds!


Glam'Azone jewelry is inspired by the myth of the Amazons, perfectly fitting the curves of women. The woman is free and powerful and each creation makes feel this so particular spirit. The design of the precious jewels takes the features of the spears of the Amazons. The diamond enhances these creative wonders with harmonious proportions.


The Gatsby collection revisits the classics of the Roaring Twenties. Like a diamond thread, the fine and pure lines of the jewelry reflect the light and blend with all your outfits. A contemporary and timeless piece of jewelry that perfectly represents the spirit of Messika. Charm, elegance and romanticism are at the rendez-vous.


Joy reveals the beauty of women by highlighting the magnificence of diamonds. Each creation brings lightness, brilliance and refinement. The round or pear cut diamonds dress the jewel which becomes the best ally of the female gender. Elegant and timeless, Joy is for all women of the modern world.


A true talisman, the Lucky Move collection is adorned with intoxicating colors and stones. The shape of the Move motif rubs shoulders with that of the medal to form a harmonious and unique whole. This line overturns the codes and revolutionizes once again the Messika universe. Volumes express themselves freely. Rings, necklaces, dangling earrings, bracelets, hoop earrings... Diamonds shine more than ever! 


Move Uno is a flagship collection from Messika Jewelry. This luxury collection features the brand's famous design: a gold cage housing a moving diamond. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings ... Diamond jewelry that expresses all their beauty and modernity and that increase their power tenfold when accumulated or stacked. Move Uno creations are free to create the composition that corresponds to him to express his mood or state of mind of the moment. The Messika DNA is more than ever at the heart of this precious collection.


The protective eye is the latest addition to the iconic Lucky Eye collection. This delicate motif is reinvented in a graphic version that sublimates gold and diamonds. Available in rings, pendants, diamond earrings and chain bracelets, Lucky Eye luxury creations for women can be worn alone or in combination.

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