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The Menottes dinh van bracelet: a must-have
The Menottes dinh van bracelet: a must-have
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Since its creation in 1976, the Menottes bracelet is a true icon of modern jewelry. But why is this bracelet so coveted and interesting? Unquestionably because it is the very essence of Jean Dinh Van's genius, and because it embodies the values that have made the success of the brand the brand : to bet on the sobriety by diverting the objects of the everyday life, to make trendy and iconoclastic jewelry.

The bracelet on cord Menottes dinh van R12 in silver

In its most emblematic version, the jewel comes with a 12 mm 925 silver motif. On an elegant and simple black cord, it fits all wrists, male and female, whatever the morphology. With the possibility of being tightened or widened without constraint thanks to the sliding knots.

925 silver (also known as sterling silver) is a noble material, identifiable by the minerva head hallmark. "925" means that the jewel is made of an alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Silver is a material that tends to blacken with the passage of time, this phenomenon is quite natural and due to oxidation, so in order for your bracelet to keep all its beauty, it is necessary to take care of it, and maintain it regularly.

 bracelet menottes dinh van R12 silver on lepage cord

Available on a cotton bracelet, with a "raw" or satin finish, the Menottes bracelet comes in many colors! You can choose to buy it in its classic black version for example, then change the cord by a colored declination in red, orange, khaki, blue, yellow or pink! Dinh van stores and official retailers (such as lepage.fr, as well as the Lepage store in Rouen*) are authorized to handle the brand's jewelry, and can handle your bracelet change. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information on this subject.

Menottes dinh van jewelry, between simplicity and modernity

What makes the soul of the collection? The ingenious Menottes system, the central motif of the line, which allows the bracelet to be opened and closed. Making the clasp the central element of the jewel, an innovation never seen at the time of the release of the first Menottes pieces, the brand dinh van is thus frankly different from the competition. Indeed, at the time (in the 70's), the objective was rather to make the clasp disappear, to hide it as much as possible... Jean Dinh Van was thus, by this way again, a precursor and a genius creator, who was not afraid to break the most traditional codes of the jewelry industry.

The Menottes collection was an immediate success with the public. With the will to sublimate women, and to allow them to wear jewelry for themselves rather than to please others, it is a completely innovative vision which conquered all those who wished to emancipate themselves from the shackles imposed by the fashion and the society.

Today, the line continues to grow from year to year, with the Menottes motif available in many different ways. 18k gold version, white, yellow or pink, platinum, titanium with a few diamonds or entirely paved, on a cord or chain, in 8 mm, 12 mm or 15 mm versions, in necklaces, rings, earrings and of course bracelets: the variations are countless! This rich range allows everyone to find the jewel they need, to offer or for themselves. It is easy to please yourself by offering a dinh van jewel, as the choice of models is so wide.

 jewelry from the Menottes dinh van collection available for sale at lepage

Les autres collections dinh van

Just as creative and emblematic,  Seventies collections and Le Cube Diamant by dinh van on sale on lepage

As you can see, the Menottes dinh van jewelry, and more specifically the Menottes dinh van bracelet, are an institution, a real must-have. If you are looking for a gift idea for a man, a woman or a teenager to celebrate a birthday, a graduation, Mother's or Father's Day, Valentine's Day, or simply to say "I love you", dinh van will meet all your expectations !

 jewelry dinh van double heart seventies pulse

* Our stores are located in Lille, Rouen and Le Havre, you can find all the opening hours on our website, or contact us directly by phone at 03 20 12 04 04.

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06 juillet 2021
J’adore cette collection, elle est très moderne. Elle illustre parfaitement la Maison Dinh Van.
Logo commentaire
22 juin 2020
Très belle collection
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