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Lip General de Gaulle Watches

Lip General de Gaulle Watches


Général De Gaulle 35 mm Classic

Brand Collection
Général de Gaulle - Lip
Mineral glass
Functions (Bloc FP)
Quartz Water resistance 100 m Date Hour, Minute, Second Leather bracelet
Lip General de Gaulle Watches

The CGD collection from the French watch brand LIP is a line of watches with an avant-garde design inspired by the first electric wristwatch designed in the world. It was presented in 1952 at the Academy of Sciences in Paris. This innovation represents "a masterpiece of chronometry and quality". The first LIP watch to be equipped with the revolutionary R27 movement was marketed in 1958. This GDG model is the result of ten years of research carried out with efficiency and passion to develop the first electric watch which will open the way to quartz watches. Many statesmen have worn this model, which became "The Watch of the Presidents": De Gaulle, Einsenhower or Clinton. Today, the CDG collection offers mainly automatic watches, available in "sport" or "skeleton" versions, perfect to admire the functioning of a mechanical watch.