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Collier dinh van Menottes R12 en argent sur cordon
Collier dinh van Menottes R12 en argent sur cordon
Collier dinh van Menottes R12 en argent sur cordon
Collier dinh van Menottes R12 en argent sur cordon
Menottes dinh van R12 necklace in silver on cord

Menottes dinh van R12 necklace in silver on cord

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  • Collier dinh van Menottes R15 en argent sur cordon
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You fell for the bracelet ? Discover now the Menottes dinh van necklace on cord!

The essentials

  • 925 silver cord necklace
  • Collection Menottes
  • Pattern size: 12 mm
  • Adjustable length thanks to sliding knots
  • Cuffs clasp

The Menottes dinh van R12 necklace in silver on cord

The emblematic Menottes dinh van motif, crafted in silver, makes a truly iconic statement and is revealed in a necklace mounted on a black cord. Measuring 12 mm, these Menottes are distinguished by their luminous, sleek silver look, offering a modern yet understated allure that will appeal to women and men alike.

This necklace features adjustable sliding knots, so you can personalise it by adjusting the length to suit your preferences. The clasp, designed in the shape of interlocking Menottes, stands out as the brand's distinctive signature, adding an iconic touch to this modern, understated piece of jewellery.

The Maison dinh van

Founded in 1965 by visionary Jean Dinh Van, the Maison dinh van has left a remarkable mark on the history of French fine jewellery. This renowned Maison has revolutionised conventional standards of jewellery by adopting an innovative and uncluttered approach to the design of its pieces.

Dinh Van has introduced a distinctive style to the world of jewellery. Dinh Van introduced a distinctive style characterised by clean lines and minimalist aesthetics, eschewing intricate ornamentation in favour of simple elegance. Her artistic genius was manifested in a philosophy that emphasised the value of the woman for herself, highlighting individuality rather than conformity to external expectations.

It was in creating what was to become the world's most iconic collection that Dinh Van became known. It was with the creation of what would become the iconic "Menottes", a stylised pattern representing union, that the brand became a mainstream success. This daring creation revolutionised conventions by integrating the clasp at its heart, an innovative concept at a time when clasps were often concealed as best as possible. This distinctive motif has become the cornerstone of the brand's identity, and has met with resounding success.

In addition to the flagship "Menottes" line, the Maison Dinh Van has enriched its repertoire with other prestigious collections. Among them, "Le Cube Diamant" combines geometric aesthetics with the brilliance of diamonds, offering a wedding ring between modernity and sophistication. The "Pulse" collection stands out for its bold, dynamic lines, embodying energy and movement. The Maison also offers "Double Coeurs", a delicate collection symbolising love and union through two intertwined hearts, as well as "Seventies", which elegantly revisits the retro-chic spirit through contemporary shapes. Finally, the "Serrure" collection evokes mystery and sophistication through delicate pieces symbolising the protection of secrets and precious memories.

These different lines illustrate the creative diversity and constant commitment of the Maison dinh van to designing unique jewelry, each carrying a singular meaning while embodying the timeless elegance and innovation that characterize the brand...

dinh van
2 years
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Menottes - Dinh Van
Menottes dinh van R12 necklace in silver on cord
Menottes dinh van R12 necklace in silver on cord
Silver 925 ‰
925 ‰ silver
925 ‰ silver
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