Discover the Japanese Manufacture Citizen, which strives to offer watches with the most innovative technologies. Whether you are an experienced diver, or a watch enthusiast looking for a model with high specifications, you are bound to find your favorite!


The Tsuyosa collection is part of a long line of sporty-chic watches with a very seventies design, with its seductive and curvy lines! Its watches have a 40mm steel case, which alternates between polished and satin-finished surfaces.
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Eco-Drive One

Eco-Drive One aims to redefine the boundaries of luxury. Assembled exclusively by Citizen's Master Watchmakers, each watch is equipped with the world's finest movement.
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The Promaster collection of watches are true professional sports watches, combining the tenacity to survive in the toughest environments with the latest technology. With high performance, this collection is designed for adventurers who regularly challenge their limits in all environments: marine, land and air.


A field watch for adventurers driven by their insatiable curiosity in the harshest environments!
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Citizen technologies

Eco Drive: A unique technology powered by light

Since 1978, Citizen has been offering innovative watches powered by light. This unique technology has been incorporated into almost all of the brand's models, and has eliminated the need for battery changes, making watchmaking environmentally friendly. Eco-Drive watches work even in low light, and can be recharged regardless of the type of light, which means your watch will continue to function during your daily life. If you no longer wear it, your Eco-Drive watch can run for up to six months in the dark.

Precise timing

Many watchmakers are experimenting with different technologies in order to be able to display the exact time, as the time display is the most important function of a watch. In this never ending quest, Citizen has developed several technologies to create watches that give access to the exact and precise time! Radio Controlled watches feature technology that sets the precise time and date of a Citizen watch by automatically receiving a time signal from an atomic clock, accurate to one second every 100,000 years. There are also Satellite Wave GPS watches, with technology that receives position data and time signals from GPS satellites, for accurate date and time updates in all 39 time zones, no matter where you are on earth. The latest technology is Bluetooth: some Citizen watches are equipped with this technology that links your watch to your smartphone for exact time setting to your phone!

Super Titanium : Un matériau unique conçu pour la beauté, la résistance aux rayures et le confort

Citizen has developed a unique material, ideal for a watch that comes into contact with the skin every day. This material is Super Titanium, exclusive to the Japanese brand. Made from a titanium solidification process, via an exclusive surface hardening technology, Duractect! Super Titanium retains all the original properties of titanium, adding beauty, hardness and durability to the product.