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ZRC 1904

Because life is adventurous and exploring the deep is exciting, ZRC offers diving watches that are ready to face the extreme conditions under the sea as well as on land. With a strong heritage - the brand supplied timepieces to the French Navy from 1964 to 1985 - ZRC designs robust and reliable timepieces in Geneva and meticulously assembles them in its workshop in Tavannes.

The Collections

ZRC 1904 watches, designed and produced in Switzerland, are made from the finest materials and assembled with meticulous attention to detail.

Grands Fonds 300 Marine Nationale 1964

A contemporary vision of the Grands Fonds 300 of 1964, the "Réédition MN64" collection is made up of versatile, aesthetic and practical daily diving watches.
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Grands Fonds 300 1964 Spirit

With their common DNA, all the Grands Fonds 300 diving watches in the 1964 Spirit collection perpetuate the spirit of the very first Grands Fonds created in 1964.
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Grands Fonds 3000 Titanium

With its exceptional know-how, ZRC pushes the limits with the GF 3000 Titanium collection. The GF 3000 Titanium is the first diver's watch less than 20mm thick, without helium valve or gel, and is certified water resistant to a depth of 5,100 meters.
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Grands Fonds 300 38 mm

A true concentrate of the Grands Fonds spirit, the Réédition 38mm line takes up the assets of the diving watches created in the 1960s. It has been designed to match the aesthetics of the original models as closely as possible and in every detail.
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The brand

ZRC is a Swiss brand founded in 1904 by Edmund Zuccolo and Joseph Roche. At the beginning, it specialized in the manufacture of technical bracelets for watches. In 1917, the company won the Grand Prix for Innovation of the Geneva Industry at the New Industries competition for its metal expandable watch strap. But its motto "When adventure gives life to a revolutionary product" will lead it to design and produce an exceptional product! Indeed, in 1960, the company began to develop its first watch, which quickly became famous! The ZRC Grands Fonds 300 meters. As its founders were real fans of underwater sports, it was logical to design a watch as extreme as its straps. A few years later, the ZRC diver's watch would move into another dimension. At the time, the French Navy placed its own orders for diving watches with very strict specifications. During a national call for tenders, ZRC was chosen to deliver watches. Its Grand Fond will equip the divers of the French Navy until 1982. It was even approved by NATO, confirming its resistance to any test! 50 years after the first Grands Fonds 300 watch, Georges & Charles Brunet, at the head of the family business (great-grandsons of Joseph Rochet), are studying the re-edition of the iconic model. Since then, the brand has continued to develop, offering diving watches made from the finest materials and assembled with meticulous attention to detail. Every component is designed and produced in Switzerland to the highest standards. ZRC watches are acclaimed by collectors and diving enthusiasts for the style, technicality and strong character of its pieces!