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Watch Certificate x Lepage

Watch Certificate at LEPAGE

Introducing the fastest and most secure way to protect the watches you love. LEPAGE offers to certify your watch with Watch Certificate™, a digital duplicate of your timepiece, authenticated by our watchmakers and then certified by an independent expert. 

The passport of your watch

Forgery-proof certificate of authenticity

The Watch Certificate™ standardises the certification of a watch and certifies its condition and authenticity. To get into the details, it is a digital passport that allows, after expertise, to guarantee that a model is original and compliant. This registration document, which can be consulted online at any time, includes all the characteristics of the watch. Any intervention (maintenance service) approved by a watchmaker certified by Watch Certificate can be added in order to keep the information on the timepiece up to date. Everything is recorded digitally using the blockchain to secure the history of your watch.

This certificate is also a trusted third party in case of theft that you can produce to the police, the insurance company, the manufacturer... It indicates the current market value of your watch, which can be used as a valuation for an approved value insurance. The Watch Certificate allows you to benefit from constantly evolving high value-added services: specific and unique insurance solutions against breakage and theft at home or while being worn.

In practice, the Watch Certificate takes the form of a 28-gram brushed steel card, the size of a credit card and in line with luxury codes. Equipped with a QR code, it gives instant access to the entire history of your timepiece.

Functioning and expertise

The Watch Certificate™ is achieved by watchmaking professionals: a LEPAGE watchmaker who physically inspects the watch and an independent expert, assisted by artificial intelligence.

To achieve this certificate, a LEPAGE vintage expert and an approved LEPAGE watchmaker will physically check the watch at 53 control points and take high-definition photographs thanks to the "Inspection Box", a device that allows the standardisation of the shooting. These checkpoints include the serial number, the movement, the strap, etc. The conformity of the components is also scrupulously analysed. Original or "service" components, everything is inspected. The historical or technical context may also be mentioned in order to place the timepiece in its environment.

Then, an independent expert from the Watch Certificate company receives the photos and the report, which will enable him to carry out the expertise. He will then be able to carry out a meticulous analysis of the control points provided, complete the information if necessary and finally validate the complete expertise of the watch. The Watch Certificate experts are independent and work mainly for international auction houses and/or commercial sites. They participate in the writing of specialised books on watchmaking and may be called upon to collaborate with the judiciary within the framework of judicial expertises.

For all watch collectors, the Watch Certificate™ offered by LEPAGE thus provides a triple guarantee that is valid over time : that of the LEPAGE specialists in collector's watches, that of a watchmaker approved by the major brands and that of an independent watch expert.

Enhance the value of your watch collection

Watch Certificate™ with its 53 checkpoints goes far beyond the original accessories and adds value to your watch. What's more, Ethereum blockchain technology makes Watch Certificate™ unfalsifiable. It can be accessed at any time when you scan the card to view it, and you can easily share it with a potential buyer and transfer ownership. Anonymity is preserved throughout the process and the data is encrypted so your privacy is not breached.

In addition, for iPhone and iPad users, Watch Certificate™ offers a Wallet version available directly from the 'Cards' app on your device.

This digital timepiece duplicate includes:

This double digital timepiece includes:

  • - Standardization and traceability of information
  • - The 53 control points
  • - High definition photos (case, movement, dial, parts and accessories)
  • - The signature of the double check
  • - A renowned, unforgeable technology based on blockchain

Which Watch Certificate to protect your watch?

Red - On request

For watches worth more than €50,000
On request
Services included :
  • Forgery-proof property title
  • Certified Market value 
  • Anchored in blockchain
  • Recognized by insurers
  • Optimized resale
  • Blacklists in case of theft
  • 53 control points
  • Service tracking
  • Assistance to the authorities

The first all-inclusive watch insurance

In addition to certification, Watch Certificate™ offers you optional insurance, which covers theft with assault and break-in, and accidental damage.

This insurance offer is provided by Watch Certificate™ and the insurance firm A.R.T, specialists in collections. This program is simple: it guarantees you'll be reimbursed at market value. If you're a collector, this smart package has you covered and fits your lifestyle.

Insurance includes:

Reimbursement at the value of the Watch Certificate

Compensation in case of theft or damage

Accidental damage coverage up to 10% of the value of the watch

Protection anywhere in the world

Simple and competitive prices


Watches from €5,000 to €15,000


Watches from €15,000 to €50,000


Watches above €50,000

19€ / month

29€ / month

On request