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Seamaster 75th Anniversary Summer Blue

Seamaster 75th Anniversary Summer Blue


Seamaster 300 75th Anniversary Master Chrono. 41 mm

Brand Collection
Seamaster - Omega
Breaks and scratches with difficulty anti-reflective treatment Domed Sapphire crystal
Power reserve
60 hours
Seamaster 75th Anniversary Summer Blue

Seamaster: Precision at every level

"OMEGA pays tribute to a watchmaking family born 75 years ago with a collection of 11 watches, Seamaster Summer Blue, which celebrates water resistance"

To celebrate OMEGA's marine icon, the Swiss Maison has imagined a new collection adorned with stunning dials in intoxicating colors, evocative of a beautiful day at sea. These seven iconic models (11 references in all) range from the most elegant diving watches to the most technically sophisticated. What do they have in common? OMEGA Summer Blue, used in varying degrees of intensity to reflect each Seamaster's level of water resistance and make it identifiable at first glance: on the Aqua Terra, it recalls the color of sunny surface waters; on the Ultra Deep, that of the abyss. Dive into a journey through the year's special editions.

A brief history of the Seamaster

The story of the Seamaster begins 16 years before its birth, with the 1932 launch of the OMEGA "Marine", the world's very first diving watch accessible to civilian divers. This ingenious watch, successfully tested at a depth of 73 metres in Lake Geneva, also proved water-resistant to 135 metres in pressure tests carried out at the Swiss Watch Research Laboratory in Neuchâtel. A thunderous debut that set the tone for OMEGA's subsequent advances in underwater watchmaking.

During the Second World War, the Maison delivered more than 110,000 watches to pilots, navigators and soldiers of the British Ministry of Defence to support Air Force and Navy pilots during their service. This unprecedented experience enabled OMEGA to make rapid progress in the fields of water-resistance, antimagnetism and robustness to create a series of watches capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions. In fact, the Ministry of Defence had "W.W.W" engraved on the back of their case, standing for "Waterproof Wrist Watch".

Launched in 1948 to mark OMEGA's 100th anniversary, the collection combined battle-tested technology with elegant packaging. The result: a watch designed for "the city, the sea and the countryside".

One of these three environments, however, soon took precedence over the other two. In the post-war years, during an exhilarating decade full of optimism and exploration, the Seamaster established itself as the watch of choice for underwater adventurers. The starting point for this new adventure was the Seamaster 300, launched in 1957.

Several waves of extraordinary models followed it, each offering fascinating new designs, innovative technologies and ever higher levels of water resistance. At the same time, the watch with the Hippocampe logo has played a key role in the exploration and protection of the oceans, becoming the watch of choice for the curious and defenders of the marine world.

Today, OMEGA can test each of its water-resistant watches in a real underwater environment thanks to the House's state-of-the-art facilities and the certification standards set by METAS (the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology).

The models launched for the Seamaster's 75th anniversary pay tribute to an extraordinary history of innovation, exploration, maritime performance and design.

The commemorative caseback

In the 1950s, OMEGA wanted to create a symbol that would represent the Seamaster collection as a whole. It was to reflect the collection's maritime heritage, refined style and rugged spirit.

Designer Jean-Pierre Borle was inspired by a trip to Venice and the carved representations of Neptune's seahorse found at either end of the city's iconic gondolas. Each watch detailed above features a commemorative caseback.

The Seamaster logo, depicting Poseidon armed with a trident and accompanied by two seahorses: the original OMEGA logo from 1956 and the House's current design.

Summer Blue: a unique hue!

OMEGA Summer Blue evokes the color of the ocean on a perfect day. A natural choice for a watch linked to exploration and produced by a brand committed to ocean preservation.

This superb shade forms the basis of almost all the dials in this anniversary collection.

Layers of varnish, applied according to the desired effect, create an effect of depth.