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Diamond rings


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Diamond rings

Why choose a diamond ring?

For a marriage proposal, to give pleasure on an anniversary, to mark the occasion of a birth, or simply to please: giving a diamond ring is a strong act imbued with great symbolism. Eternal, the diamond resists time. Timeless and unavoidable, it is a sure value if you want to enchant the person to whom you intend to give this gift! For thousands of years, diamond rings have been a symbol of love, and are offered as a promise, as a proof of the bond that unites you and of the attachment that binds you to a person dear to your heart. In 18k gold (750 gold) or platinum, all the creations presented in this selection are of the finest quality. Whether you are looking for a classic model, a contemporary design or a real piece of jewellery, diamond rings can take many forms. Whether you are looking for a traditional or exceptional model, entirely paved with diamonds or adorned with a single central stone like a solitaire, in white, yellow or rose gold: let yourself be seduced by the many models offered!

The Lepage diamond

Precious among the precious, the diamond is the rarest natural stone. Formed from carbon in extreme geological conditions, over thousands or even millions of years, the diamond is a wonder of nature that can only come into being under certain very precise conditions. Not very brilliant in its rough form, the gem reveals all its brilliance once cut according to specific proportions, which gives it its shape: round, or "brilliant", the most classic cut, oval, pear, marquise, princess, cushion... There are many ways to highlight the purity and beauty of the stone. Depending on its colour, ranging from D (extra white) to Z (yellowish), its purity (depending on the impurities, the natural "inclusions" trapped in the stone that come to light during its formation), its carat weight and its cut (the shape given to it), the value of a diamond can be multiplied. At Lepage we only use diamonds with D to F colour (i.e. very white), with a minimum of SI quality (Small Inclusion, very small imperfections, visible with a x10 magnifying glass). Every week, our expert gemologists go to the famous Antwerp diamond exchange to select the stones that will be used to set our jewellery. Each gem is selected with the greatest care, one by one, for its brilliance, colour, size and weight. For all stones above 0.5 carat, a certificate attesting to its characteristics and origin is provided with the jewel, in order to guarantee optimal traceability.

Lepage, retailer of the greatest luxury brands

With our experience as a diamond dealer since 1922, we are proud today to work with the most beautiful jewellery brands: Dior Jewerly, Messika, La Brune et La Blonde, dinh van, Boucheron, Aurélie Bidermann... Internationally recognised, the reputation of these great Maisons is well established. Discover the diamond-set ring models of these great brands in our selection, and let yourself be seduced by the most emblematic models, such as the Move Uno ring by Messika, the Oui ring by Dior or the Pulse ring signed dinh van!

Lepage's assistance in choosing your diamond ring, and made-to-measure creations

Need help to make your choice ? Don't hesitate to contact us by email or by phone, our sales consultants will be delighted to guide you, and help you find THE piece you need! You should also know that we offer a creation service on demand. Do you have a piece of jewellery that you would like to recover in order to give it a new lease of life? You have a very precise image in mind of the kind of diamond ring you would like, or you would like to have a ring made especially for you? In this case, you can make an appointment in a Lepage shop to discuss your project with a professional who will accompany you throughout the process!