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Yellow gold necklaces

Yellow gold necklaces


Collier Confetti Rainbow 7 pierres 0,90 carat

Brand Collection
Confetti - La Brune et la Blonde
Amethyst Ruby Sapphire Tsavorite
Jewel material
Gold 750 th
Yellow gold necklaces

When it rests on the skin, the yellow gold necklace unfolds its intensity and depth. It revives the most classic outfits by giving them a touch of nobility. Discover the original creations signed Lepage, made in our workshops in France, and also discover the collections of the great jewelry Maisons on Lepage eshop.

All yellow gold necklaces on Lepage eshop

Yellow and solar gold reveals the natural beauty of women... 18k yellow gold (750 thousandth yellow gold) necklaces come to curl up against the skin, not far from the heart to bring elegance charisma to the wearer. Set or not with precious and colored stones, the yellow gold necklace is an essential that it is good to have inside the jewelry box.

Yellow 18k gold (750/1000 gold)

Crossing time, yellow 18k gold (750/1000 gold) has always been used in jewelry. Its brilliance is unparalleled. The 18k gold and the most beautiful gold that one can use in jewelry. Contrary to what one could believe, pure gold is too malleable, it thus lacks rigidity and cannot be used to create jewels, that is why one prefers 18k gold to him.