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The chain: a jewel in its own right

Chain is an integral part of jewelry, and comes in many shapes and lengths. With thin or thick links, jaseron links, round or square links, coffee bean links or even horse links... The chain is indeed a full-fledged jewel that is chosen with the utmost care!

A wide selection of chains on Lepage eshop

Choose the chain that suits you according to your tastes and the pendant you want to slip on it! Discover in this selection the Lepage chains, extremely shiny chains in diamond mesh, as well as the chains offered by the greatest Luxury Maisons to accompany your pendants. In rose, white or yellow gold, the chain supports the pendant or medal, so it is important to choose a quality jewel. All the chains in our selection are made of 18k gold (750 gold), the finest quality of gold used to make jewelry.